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Fox & Fellow: Taking the Stress out of elopement planning circa 2016.

When you make the decision to elope, you are saying goodbye to the stress of planning a traditional wedding, and making the choice to have an intentional day planned only FOR YOU. With all the fun, and none of the hullabalu! Whether that is a day hike for a cliffside vow exchange with just the 2 of you, or an intimate day with 20 of your closest humans, your day is completely customised to your choices.

The cost of a MODEST wedding in Canada is around $25,500 to $30,000. The AVERAGE cost is upwards of $42,000 big ones. Lol, um, wat? Most of that money isn’t even spent on YOU. It’s spent on a venue, food, etc for YOUR GUESTS. Last I checked, your wedding isn’t about other people, it’s about the celebration of you two as a couple, and your commitment to one another, your love, and how far you’ve come in your relationship.


So What Happens Next?

If you’re shaking off tradition and trailblazing an elopement day that’s just for you, mad props! You are a bad-ass, independent, force to be reckoned with. And we like it!

Deciding to take matters into your own hands and choosing an intentional, thoughtful, and dope AF elopement celebration means you’re going to have a memorable and amazing day to cherish. It also means that you now have CHOICES.

You are so footloose and fancy-free from the chains of the out-of-date wedding industry, you probably don’t know where to start.

Now that you aren’t tied to tradition, what’s next?

Firstly, know that you aren’t tied to the archaic idea of what an elopement used to be

Elopements used to mean running off together and tying the knot, hiding your secret shame and sharing it with no one. Well not anymore! An elopement can be anything from just the two of you, to celebrating your special day with your closest friends and fam.

(That’s right, a small wedding is now considered an elopement, too!)

your elopement is just as important as a traditional wedding. Or more!

Which brings us to how we approach photography on your wedding day.

Seriously. We know there are other photographers out there who are offering 1 or 2 hours of coverage but that just honestly bums us out.

Choosing to elope doesn’t lessen the fact that you are committing your life to your love, and that’s a big deal, amirite!? And it should be treated as such.

You deserve to spend your wedding day celebrating yourselves and how far you have come together. And you deserve to do this in an intentional way that makes you feel like you’ve done your relationship justice.

In a way that speaks to you, in a way that you can be yourself, in the truest of fashions.


Butttt hear us out…

Going “big” for your wedding doesn’t necessarily mean spending a bunch of money, having a huge venue, inviting lots of guests, and feeding a small army. Going big means creating an experience that’s true to you as a couple and no one else.

It means celebrating your unity your way.


...is just as important as a traditional wedding and should be celebrated accordingly.

You deserve to have it be a big deal!

This is why we recommend planning an elopement that lasts a whole day (or more!), and having as much of it documented as possible.

a newly wed couple stare at each other inside of a hold building by the ocean

Tell the whole unique story of your wedding day

Become the only way for you to remember the day you got married

Document how every candid moment felt, not just the ceremony and portraits

Give your family and friends a way to experience your special day with you if they aren’t there



Let’s just take a pause, throw out all the dusty old rules you know about traditional weddings, and use your imagination.

If you two could plan the most funnest and amazing day together, from the moment you wake up to when you crash into each others’ arms…


When you woke up, what would the view be?

What would the weather be like?
Where would you go?

What would you do and see first?
What activities/fun/shenanigans would you get up to together?

What would you EAT?
What would make you the happiest and most celebrated?

That could legit be your wedding day.

Ready to trailblaze your own traditions?

ready to adventure together? Contact us!

The Fox & Fellow

Elopement Experience

What ya get once you book with us

Firstly, we’ll video chat to get to know you two better

This way we can help give you personalised advice and ideas for your perfect day, designed for you.

Secondly, we’ll help you find the perfect locations, topped with permit help if required

This includes hidden gem ceremony locations, places off the beaten path, as well as beautiful secluded airbnbs, wineries, cliffs, unique boutiques stays, etc for your accommodations, getting ready, and mini-honeymoons!

Thirdly, we are chockablock full of other resources for Vendors and Activities

Flowers, JPs, dinner, small unique reception locations, the best desserts/cakes, you name it! Do you want to go to an arcade? Helicopter experience? Axe-throwing? Hot-air Ballooning?

Unlimited timeline and customization consultations

We are here for you every step of the way, to make this experience easier, more meaningful for you, and just plain fun!


Are we best friends now?

All your photos to keep & Share

As soon as you book us, our first priority is to learn everything you want out of your wedding experience and about who you are. There are no wrong answers—we want you to be your true selves and have the day that is "you".

You’ll always get all of the full resolution, edited digital image files from your elopement day—delivered in an easy-to-use online digital gallery so you can view, download, print, and share your images with all your friends and family.

Your wedding day shouldn’t feel like a stressful, rushed, all-day photoshoot—it should be your best day together yet. It’s about relaxing, just being yourself, and having the best day all about you.

The Fox & Fellow

Elopement packages

for the best day of your life

Mainland Nova Scotia Adventure Elopement Packages

Nova Scotia is home to some of the prettiest landscapes we ever did see. It’s also so incredibly varied considering it’s such a small province! You can have everything in true east coast fashion, from rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, cliffside vistas, to boutique stays, gorgeous wineries, stunning forest-y vibes, you name it. This is our home, and boy do we know the ropes! Elopement Planning has never been easier!

What’s included?

4 to 12 Hours of coverage, depending on your day

2 Goofy Ginger Photographers

All Travel fees within the Mainland of NS

Unlimited Consultations

Exclusive Detailed Elopement Guide

Online Galleries for sharing with Family & Friends

Packages starting at:


Get in touch for full pricing and package details

Cape Breton Adventure Elopement Packages

Eager to get even further away into the country? Cape Breton Island has some of the most breathtaking scenery we have ever had the pleasure of seeing. There is no shortage of adventure in a place full of hiking trails, camping, lakes, rivers, the ocean, caves, yurts, and just the loveliest cottages in the country. Getting away to this part of the world is an absolute luxury in itself! Full of hidden gems, secluded waterfalls, and kindest people you ever did meet.

What’s included?

4 to 12 Hours of coverage, depending on your day

2 Goofy Ginger Photographers

All Travel fees within the Cape Breton Island

Unlimited Consultations

Exclusive Detailed Elopement Guide

Online Galleries for sharing with Family & Friends

Packages starting at:


Get in touch for full pricing and package details

How it Feels to have

a FOX & FELLOW Elopement

Cinematic Elopement and wedding photograhy with

A Documentary Approach

Connect and lets do this

Do you do travel and destination elopements?

You freakin’ bet, we do! We go anywhere and everywhere, in Canada or Worldwide!

Depending on your ideas, the cost can vary so please get in touch with us for your custom quote!

We also do customizable packages for all of our couples eloping in NS, too. We recognise that every elopement is different and you are not bound to choosing a predetermined package if you have other ideas! :)