Gaff Point Hike | Megan and Éli’s Fall elopement adventure and secret beach

February 7, 2024

What an unbelievably perfect day. Megan and Elí chose to have a beautiful adventure elopement in early October, and boy oh boy was it majestic. We started out at a cafe in Lunenburg, and made our way to Hirtles Beach to do the Gaff Point Hike, and suss out the secret beach. Lemme tell you, it did not disappoint!

The weather was balmy and a little breezy, just enough to create a temperature sweet spot. After Hurricane Lee made a mess of the beach, we had a rocky walk to the trail head but it was dang adorable anyway. The trail was dry and it was just gorgeous. We stopped along the way to admire the views of the ocean, the waves, and the landscapes in the distance. Nova Scotia has such variety when it comes to its vistas, and I fall in love with it over and over on the reg. Fact.

Megan and Elí packed an adorable picnic lunch and had special cookies decorated for their day and they were sooooo cute. After a little searchin’, we found the secret beach and rappelled down the cliffside to check it out. It was AMAZING. We sent up the drone and had a ball of a time exploring the area (which we had all to ourselves, by the way!). 

After they had their fill of discovering, we picked a spot to set up picnic camp over looking the cliffs. It was nothing short of magical. 

When they were ready, we hiked back to the beach for the official ceremony! Megan changed dresses and we met up with a little group of Megan and Elí’s closest friends and family. Megan’s Dad officiated, the arch was built just for the occasion, which made the whole thing that much more special. It was so intimate and heartwarming, we are so stoked we were able to be part of it. <3

To finish the day off, we headed back in Lunenburg to Lincoln Street Foods to capture some champagne and sparkler celebrations. There was frolicking, tons of playing, and lots of gushy lovey goodness. 



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