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So, What is Non-Traditional Wedding Photography?

This is legit one of our favorite things to talk about! This is not like the days of Yore, we are not going to tell you how to stand, where to sit, when to smile, and force you to look at the camera.

That is not authentic, genuine, or even remotely fun for you (or us!).

OUR GOAL is to help you create a day that is UNIQUE to you as a couple, feels like you as a couple, and represents you as a couple. The last thing we want is for you to have a wedding that is cookie cutter, and just like everyone else’s.

Your relationship is DISTINCT, and it deserves to be celebrated and captured in style! In a way that makes you feel heard, and makes you feel like you can be YOURSELVES.

With all the photos afterward to showcase your individual specialness, love, laughs, fun, all the feels, smiles, and even tears!


The key to getting genuine and authentic wedding photos is having photographers that know how to bring out the best in you, and allow you to feel comfortable. If you need help knowing what to do with your hands, we’re going to help you with that. Our focus is mainly on creating organic images, and we promise that most of the time you won’t be feeling awkward. When you hire professional photographers, you aren’t just getting someone who knows how to point and shoot a camera. You’re getting humans that understand what it’s like to be photographed, and know how to work with every kind of uneasiness. :) We got you covered!

But do you still help me with my flailing lobster arms and crazy Chandler grin?

Thinking of having a videographer for your Wedding day?

We’ve teamed up with resident cool guy Jordan Haines to capture your most special moments and tell your unique story via film in the most natural and personal of ways. As much as we love the amazing images we create (and boy do we love em!), nothing quite preserves the authentic memories and feelings of your wedding day like video. The icing on the cake (harrrr) is that it enables you to share live footage of your day with family and friends, as well as relive your amazing day just for you time and time again. Video captures the flow and emotion of your special day beyond just stills, it has the ability to get the “whole picture” (pun intended, lol) if you will!

We offer highlight reels that go along with every Photography Package.

Starting at:

$920.00 6 Hours Coverage

$1050.00 8 Hours Coverage

$1250.00 10 Hours Coverage

Length: 3-6 minutes depending on hours of coverage

Music Overlay Included

Uploaded to the same beautiful gallery as your photography, so it’s easily shareable with family and friends

This Video is edited in our documentary style approach, with a focus on candids, genuine moments, and everything awesome.

Length: 3-6 minutes depending on hours of coverage

Getting married is a once in a lifetime beautiful experience, and you deserve to have it done right.

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Why TWO wedding Photographers, you ask?!

Simply put, because 1 photographer can’t be in two places at once. And an assistant/second shooter is not as qualified as an evenly skilled team of two. It’s just not their full time job.

Here at Fox & Fellow, our full time gig is to be wedding photograhers, and we put our hearts and souls into our business, and you, our incredible couples!

A single photographer can't get both your reaction and your fiancé's during the vows, when you see one another for the first time, or when one of you walks down the aisle. Capturing one reaction at these times is not enough.

Not on your wedding day.


Of course they can!

But you deserve to have the peace of mind that everything important will be captured, and that’s just not possible with only one set of eyes in one place at a time.

To read more about why having 2 highly skilled wedding photographers is important, or get to know us a bit more below.

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