Amazing Coastal and Ocean Locations for your Epic Elopement!

February 9, 2022

Nova Scotia is legit surrounded by the most amazing varied coasts in Canada. You get everything from beautiful beaches, rugged cliffs, grassy highlands, and epic drop-offs. If you’re looking to have an amazing coastal elopement with incredible ocean views, then look no further!

1. Blue Rocks

If you’re into rocky shores, quaint little fishing villages, and the smell of salty air, then Blue Rocks just may be the place for you. Nestled outside the adorable east coast town of Lunenburg, Blue Rocks is full of opportunity for tiny ceremony spots and epic portraits. Usually not very crowded and teaming with character, it’s the perfect locale to take in the vast ocean views while still being pretty close to your airbnb. 10/10 would recommend.

2. Lawrencetown Beach Cliffs

Legit one of my favorite spots, the grassy hills of Lawrencetown overlook the ocean from cliffs which you can scale down if you so fancy! It’s the beach of choice for Nova Scotia surfers, but the cliffs themselves remain fairly free of people aside from the gnarly dude waddling by with his board in tow. This is the perfect place to have a post-ceremony picnic and cuddle into each other’s arms to watch the sunset. And it’s less than 30 mins outside the city of Halifax, so plenty of opportunity to add in some urban or more nature plans during your day!

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3. Baxter’s Harbour

Even awesome in Winter, this waterfall is surrounded by giant rock formations and ocean for days. The ice over the Falls in colder months looks like something from Narnia, and the rush of the water is the perfect place in the warmer months with the ocean breeze to cool you down. Usually a little more busy in the summer, but during the weekdays it’s a lot less crowded (like you’ll find with most natural outdoorsy spots). Just a short drive from the real cute town of Wolfville in the Valley, it’s the perfect spot to tie the knot if you’re into nearby vineyards, hot air balloon rides, and amazing local homemade goods. A total charmer!

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4. Sambro Island

Easily in my top favorite elopement locations, Sambro Island is only accessible by boat or helicopter. Certainly for the most epic of adventurers, this gorgeous locale is surrounded by crashing waves, a seal sanctuary, and is home to some pretty dope old buildings and beautiful nature. Since you have to book your travel to this amazing spot in advance, we highly recommend Vision Air Services for the most delightful 20-25 minute helicopter ride and optional celebratory picnic! What’s more, the island is rarely visited so it’s very likely you’ll have the whole dang spot to yourself for your elopement. An absolute gem for the adventurous introvert. <3

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5. Peggy’s Cove

One of the post popular tourist attractions in Nova Scotia, Peggy’s Cove offers giant rock formations jutting out into the crashing ocean. Sporting a famous lighthouse in a small rural fishing village, this spot has an underdeveloped and rustic appeal that really makes you feel like you’re far away from it all. To top it off, there’s some really cool low-lying brush in vast landscapes that you don’t see anywhere else. Some really adorable airbnbs are nearby too, so you can wake up on your elopement day to the fresh sea air and some of the most gorgeous views. And it’s all just 25 mins from the main city of Halifax!

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6. Burntcoat Head

Burntcoat Head is located smack-dab on the Bay of Fundy, home to the highest tides in the whole wide world and one of Nova Scotia’s most unique landscapes. If you plan it right, a large expanse of coast is visible with some swanky mud-flats to boot! If you’re into adventure, uniqueness, and don’t mind getting a little dirty on your elopement day, this is an absolute winner. Jagged cliffs, mossy banks, and ocean stretching for miles! What could be better?

7. Crystal Crescent Beach

A seriously delightful beach in Nova Scotia, Crystal Crescent has amazing features aside from just the sand. Hiking trails, foresty trees, ponds, blueberry bushes, and options for a little more privacy if you walk along to the further sandy spots. Definitely not too busy during the weekdays, this is a lovely spot to have your elopement ceremony, picnic, and even do some exploring. Amazing for variety, portraits, and just plain ol’ feeling relaxed and summery. Airbnbs are definitely available nearby, and the city of Halifax is less then 30 minutes away if you wanted to add in some delicious brunch, urban vibes, or fancy celebratory drinks!

8. High Head Trail

Easily one of my favourite hikes in Nova Scotia, the rugged trail is easy-to-moderate and makes for some INCREDIBLE views. There is forest, open grassy trails, cliffside rocky formations, and so many gorgeous spots for picnics. And to top it off, I’ve legit never seen it crowded at all. It’s the perfect length for an elopement, not a lot of people no matter the day of the week, and the sunsets are unreal over the water. It also has the propensity for some serious moody vibes, if we get that quintessential Nova Scotia weather!


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