High Head Hike | Amanda and Brad’s Ruggedly Magical Nova Scotia Elopement

October 4, 2022

Sometimes Kev and I feel a little overwhelmed (especially this time of year!) with all the work we’ve got going on, weddings and otherwise, using all our energy being extroverted for our couples (surprise, we’re actually introverts!), and editing our days away. And sometimes we meet a couple and we VIBE so well that spending the day with them just completely fills our tanks, hearts, and tummies with cake.

Amanda and Brad were that couple, and their day was just magic beyond words. Not to mention they have the kind of love that makes you burn a little with envy, hehe. They are both silly, sweet, and so freakin’ cute it’s infectious. We were absolutely charmed by ’em!

They came all the way up to Nova Scotia from Tennessee to tie their spiritual knot along the rugged ocean, and we helped them plan a day that made their dreams come alive.

We started off at an adorable asian bakery – The Rabbit Hole – in downtown Halifax (legit starting the day with cake is the way to win my love, lol). With enough to share, adorable cartoonish art on the walls, it was a wonderful beginning. To burn off the sugar-rush we had a walk at the Public Gardens, and headed to their adorable fairy tale airbnb in the forest for some Acro Yoga. This is how they met way back in 2014, and choosing to include it in their day made it even more special. <3

After getting all dolled up, having the sweetest first look, a lakeside stroll, and packing a serious picnic, we all left for High Head Trail – one of my favourite hikes in Nova Scotia hands down. It’s rugged, rocky, foresty, and goes all along the coast, making for some seriously incredible views. We found the perfect spot for their ceremony along the way, and they exchanged beautiful vows in a magic circle complete with sage and ocean water. Amanda channeled her inner witch to create their sacred space and we loved being able to witness such a unique and spiritual ceremony, so tailored to them as a couple.

The horizon looked like another world off in the distance, akin to Mordor or some other high fantasy tale, and it was all of our favourites. We couldn’t have had better weather or better company!

This is the reason we have the job that we do, and we can’t wait to hang out with these two beautiful humans again. <3



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