Egypt Falls | Tori and Carl’s Fall Elopement in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

December 4, 2023

It feels like we have finally had a run of good weather the last weeks, and boy are we grateful! We are so glad that Tori and Carl’s elopement in Cape Breton really showcased what Nova Scotia is made of. The fall colours were gorgeous, the sunset was magic, and at a perfect 16 degrees in October we were laughing! 

Tori and Carl opted to start the day with an adventure hiking to Egypt Falls, and then returning to their airbnb property in Long Point for getting dolled up, their ceremony, and celebratory walks on the beach, cake, and champagne. It legit couldn’t have gone better. 

Now, it did rain quite a bit earlier in the week, but this worked out SO WELL for the waterfall views. Sure, the path was a little (a lot) muddy, but that’s part of the fun and the beauty of the story. Carl took a little tumble, I was there to capture it, we all laughed and nearly slipped at some point ourselves, haha! 

After a tough but short 1.8km downhill, we heard the sound of the rushing water as the gorgeous Egypt Falls slowly came into view. With only a handful of other people bobbling around, we pretty much got to explore and take photos with hardly anyone else cramping our style. Yay! Tori and Carl took in the sights, and stopped for a little breather to write their vows in their special vow book. It was a quiet moment amidst the sound of the water pouring over the rocks and through the river.

After that, we all waddled back up the slope (easier way this time!) and popped in our cars for the drive to their airbnb. We made a pitstop along the way at a beautiful trail to take in some pretty views, and then headed on in to the adorable house they rented next to the cliffy, rocky beach. They did a cute little picnic outside before freshening up and getting dressed!

Also, this was one of those weddings where yours truly got to perform a commitment ceremony – one of my favorite things to do for our couples (aside from take dope photos, of course!). It’s such an honour to be part of a couples day in this way, and I’m grateful Tori and Carl wanted to include me. <3 

As the ceremony was finishing, the clouds parted and the sun warmed us all. It was the perfect time to head down to the beach for some portrait time, and it couldn’t have done better. They sat on a big rock, drank champagne, and watched the sun go down in the sky. We finished the day off with outdoor cake (which Tori’s Mom got them back in Maine!) and it was legit the perfect ending to a perfect day. 



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