A Nova Scotia waterfall and forest adventure | Alex and Chaya’s Witchy Elopement Day

October 9, 2023

What a wonderful, witchy, and whimsical fairy tale of a day. Alex and Chaya first got engaged at this amazing airbnb tucked away in the woods, with winding paths and a babbling brook. Nova Scotia is full of hidden gems, and we go to discover some fantastic new spots thanks to these two. They planned a beautifully adventurous day with a picnic at a stunning waterfall, and lantern-lit ceremony in the forest, and portraits at Baxter’s Harbour for that golden light. 

This was one of the most intimate ceremonies we’ve had the privilege to capture, and we are so grateful! Chaya is one witchy lady, and she had her very good friend Amanda drum her and Alex down the forested path toward the ceremony site. They spiritually tied the know in the middle of a wooden bridge, surrounded by candles and lanterns and flowers and Mother Earth. There were so many beautiful rituals throughout, including a handfasting, tea ceremony, a blessed feet rinse, and more. 

It’s not often we get invited to capture a pagan ceremony, but boy do we love it when we do. It was deep, nourishing, and oh-so-intimate. 

Alex and Chaya are very kind, beautiful, and in-tune humans. I had the opportunity to chat with Chaya one-on-one during the day while Kev and Alex were off searching for cell signal (we were legit in the middle of nowhere) and I was given the gift of learning about her and her life more, and their relationship with one another more intimately. It is easy to see how closely bonded they are, and how beautiful their love for one another truly is. 

Also because we were in the middle of nowhere on an “unnamed” dirt road to get to Coby Irving Brook Falls (the first location!), my teeny car got stuck in the soft gravel and lollllll we had to have someone tow it out that night after all was said and done. So we drove with Alex and Chaya for the whole day between locations and got be little backseaters! They even drove us back to the spot at the end of the day to my car while we waited for Will (the truck guy!). 

It was truly an incredible day, and we are beyond stoked to share their beautiful story!



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