Helicopter Elopement Experience | Daina and Geoff’s Nova Scotia Island Adventure

November 9, 2021

We just got home from a pretty surreal and wild day, and I really want to articulate the happenings is a coherent way, hahaha.

Daina and Geoff are from Ottawa, and up until this point had never been to Nova Scotia. They planned to elope in Scotland, but naturally Covid got in the way and they had to adjust their plans. That’s where we came in.

They contacted us maybe 3 weeks before their elopement date, and pulled together absolutely our coolest and most dopest elopement day yet.

After a sweet ceremony and some portraits at Citadel Hill, the 4 of us headed to the airport for an amazing Helicopter Experience with Vision Air in Halifax. What. A. Day! They offer a magical service with an included picnic to Sambro Island, with time enough for snugs, portraits, exploring, and taking it all in. 

Daina and Geoff celebrated their relationship with an amazing adventure, toasted with wine, and soaked in the beautiful fall colours and gorgeous golden light on the rocks, overlooking the ocean. There were waves, there were tears, there was even a freakin’ rainbow.

Kev and I are feeling so grateful that we got to be part of such an incredible day with some really lovely humans. They even shared their delicious cured meats and cheese with us! Food is absolutely the key to our hearts, hahaha.

And amazingly, CTV news actually filmed the ceremony unbeknown to us and we were on the tv! What a fun little surprise to cap off an already spectacular day.

Also I haven’t mentioned our hired car, I really don’t want to forget the intense and hilarious old Croatian guy who may or may not have murdered some people at some point in his life. 

On that note, congratulations you two!! <3 


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