Wolfville Winter Elopement | Libet and Chris’ Windy Adventure!

March 23, 2021

An Epic Rockabilly Intimate Wedding in Nova Scotia

These two are just so rocknroll in just about every way. So fun, adventurous, laid-back, KIND, and just wonderful. They had the loveliest 10 person elopement in the Valley, and we spent SO much time for their portrait session, it was just dreamy! We went to Grande Pre, into the Dykes in Wolfville, Baxters Harbour in Kentville, aaaannd some sneaky homey photos on their property! Even though it was insanely cold, windy (and I mean like 70km/h windy), rainy/snowy, day, it was just magical. Now that’s part of their story. And we certainly won’t forget them braving the elements without coats under the gorgeous waterfalls at Baxters Harbour. Just for the photos! Our kinda peeps!

We are so grateful to our amazingly adventurous and easy-going couples, putting up with our photography demands, hehe. Though we hold true that it’s always been worth it!

Funny little tidbit about these two – Libet actually knew Kev since he was a wee little tot back in 1998! She was a friend of his older brother, so occasionally perhaps he did get to hang out with the cool kids! When they contacted Kev, it was pretty much a shoe-in that we’d be super excited!

Also if I wasn’t already sold, during our first meeting they told us all about their rockabilly vintage plans I was over the moon. I legit have a closet FULL of those dresses and I was beyond happy to get to wear one to a wedding!

Naturally, these two ended up having to change their wedding plans several times before landing on something in a completely different season, and so different from their original plans. BUT the change led them to something really awesome! They had a magical day full of beautiful unique details and one-of-a-kind plans that reflected them as a couple. Covid or no Covid, it was truly special and just teeming with meaning.

We couldn’t be happier with how it turned out – AND we got to take home coconut cream pie! <3



Officiant: Sarah Anderson of East Coast Pop-Up Weddings

Dress & Cape: Amazon & CapeandCrown on Etsy

Shoes: Vivacious Vixen in Dartmouth

Earrings: Serotonin Studio VI

Hair & Make- Up: Maria Moyaert & Sarah Johnson

Suit: Rockabilly Rules (Germany)

Catering: Berwick – Union Street Cafe

Venue: Baxters Harbour & Momma’s House for dinner

Flowers: Two Birds One Stone Farm

Cake: Cakes by Korri


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