Owl and Otter Elopement – Jaimee and Evan’s intimate cabin wedding

July 29, 2021

It’s funny (not ha ha funny, more like “hmmmm” funny) the shift we’ve had in the last year a half. Kev I used to meet everyone in person before the wedding, usually for coffee or a beer or something just to say hi and get to know one another. Especially if they weren’t having an engagement session. It’s nice to be more familiar in person before someone’s wedding. And we’re all about making friends, connections, and making sure our couples are 100% comfortable with us. It’s super important, yo!

Now that we haven’t been able to do that, we’ve been utilizing the ol’ video chat as much as possible. To my happy relief, when we met Jaimee and Evan in person on their wedding day it was like we had already met. 🙂 3 video chats and lots of emails did the trick! 

Jaimee was naturally even more sweet in person, and they were just so welcoming. We felt like part of the gang, and it’s just my favourite thing when that happens. It is of course different to see how a couple reacts and connects in person. BUT that’s part of what’s so wonderful about joining in someone’s wedding day.

The return post Covid has been really interesting, and we’re so glad to see this magical change in people’s priorities. There’s been a switch from big traditional weddings, to seeking something meaningful, genuine, and just plain more relaxed and fun. Something with more personality, in a place where you have time to connect with each one of the people you care about that’s shared in your day. In an atmosphere where you can be exactly yourself, instead of worrying about the big production and stress of a giant wedding.

Jaime and Evan had an intimate less-than-25-people celebration. It was a very genuine, beautiful and moving elopement at The Owl and Otter in Mineville, Nova Scotia. Just a wee bit outside of Halifax. And it was utterly adorable. Full of love, intention, and the sweetest of moments.

There is this gorgeous Meditation deck surrounded by forest next to a lake, and it’s the most perfectly relaxing and wonderful spot to have a ceremony with your closest friends and fam. There was a bull frog in the pond, flowers in bloom all over, an adorable tree swing and lots and lots o’ snacks and BBQ (I love snacks and BBQ! Very food motivated TBH..).

But beyond the BBQ lollll, I keep thinking about Jaimee’s super dope headpiece, and how I love when people just be themselves on their wedding day. She looked perfect, and Evan rocked his suspenders like a boss. Absolute power couple, and after more than 10 years together, they were still just the cutest.



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