York Redoubt and Fisherman’s Cove | Edyta and Ian’s truly east coast elopement!

February 14, 2024

We finally got a day with genuinely perfect weather! Edyta and Ian flew in from Ontario for some travels through Nova Scotia and eloped along the way. They really wanted something historic and to tie in some of that sweet east coast culture, so we helped them plan a gorgeous day exploring York Redoubt National Historic site and Fisherman’s Cove (can’t leave out those gorgeous ocean views!). 

They opted to have their ceremony at the highest point overlooking the Halifax Harbour at York Redoubt, which was so intimate and adorable. After popping some celebratory champagne, we explored the historic bunkers, cannons, and walked through the forest down to the batteries. Full of graffiti and complete solitude, Edyta and Ian shared some private vows atop one of the old structures with tootsies dangling over the ocean. It was unforgettable. 

ALSO, they brought a cheesecake and fed it to one another through one of the battery windows and the juxtaposition of that scenario was sweet photo gold. 10/10 recommend!

Butttt we weren’t done yet! We headed to Fisherman’s Cove on the other side of the Harbour for that true east coast flavour. Cute coloured buildings, boats floating in the ocean, think little fishing village with adorable shops and eats. They got ice cream, did some shots at the bar, had scallops at Boondocks restaurant, and enjoyed a beautiful sunset stroll on the boardwalk to finish it off. <3 

We couldn’t have gotten more perfect day, and we are so grateful we got to be the ones to capture it!



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