How to Create the Perfect Wedding Album

July 26, 2019

Our 5 Wedding Album Tips

This is for all of the wonderful couples out there wanting a photo album from their wedding day or epic elopement! It’s not easy choosing the right photos for your wedding album, so we’ve come up with some tips to make it easy and fun. 🙂

1. How many photos do I need?

Wedding albums start at 30 photos, and you can upgrade to 50 or 100. The best way to start is to glance through your gallery and favorite images as you go along. If you end up flagging 45 photos, that’s a good indication that you can narrow it down to 30 and have something more simple. However, if you flag 150, then you might want to consider a larger album.

2. Include Story Telling Images.

When choosing your wedding photos, try to include some images of your flowers, the dress, or some other details you really loved. Having these images (even just 1 or 2!) really help to piece together your unique story. A photo of the ceremony/reception location really sets the scene for the day, too! Some beautiful landscapes go a long way in helping you relive those amazing memories, too.

3. Add the photos with emotion!

This is so important. When you look back through you the photos from you wedding day, it’s so much more meaningful to see a memory of a cute moment with your parents, or with your best friends, than it is to choose a posed photo from the family session. These photos really add feeling to your day and create much more powerful memories. These are the things you never want to forget.

Albums with 30 photos generally just hit the highlights of your day, without any extras. An album with 50 or 100 images usually includes some detail images and candid memories of your guests.

Added tip: If you do want to add some of your family formal photos, choose ones with everyone together instead of separating them into bride with mom, bride with sister, bride with brother, etc. If you choose one with all of you together, this takes up less space while still including everyone.

4. This was YOUR day, make sure you prioritize photos of YOU as a couple!

The portrait session with you and your partner is a very special part of your day. We strive to create images that really embody you as a couple, images that show your personality and your love for one another. These are really beautiful mini-stories of who you are together, and after all, your wedding is a celebration of your unity! Adding your favorite photos of the two of you should be a priority.

5. Choosing a Cover and Embossing.

As opposed to choosing an album cover that matches your wedding colours, it’s better to choose something neutral. You will have your wedding album on your coffee table or in your living room for years to come. Neutral colours are timeless!

When it comes to Embossing, simple is perfection. Here are some ideas to choose from:

Shane & Christina
September 22nd 2019

More of a visual learner? Have a look at this video of one of our albums as an example!


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