Hirtle’s Beach | Morning Elopement with Maria and George in Kingsburg

August 1, 2022

Picture this: a beautiful sunny Monday morning, the sound of ocean waves on a secluded beach, soft sand between your toes, wild flowers rustling in the wind, and marrying the love of your life exactly the way you imagined.

Maria and George live in the US, but they vacation here in Nova Scotia and absolutely fell in love with Kingsburg, Hirtle’s beach, and the east coast charm we’ve got going on. They planned the sweetest elopement with just the two of them, the JP, and yours truly as the witnesses. It’s legit our favorite way for a couple to celebrate.

We met up at 8am and got so lucky with the most gorgeous warm sun and cool morning breeze. They made a circle out of beach stones to stand in for their ceremony, picked wild flowers at a farm for the bouquet, and had the most lovely stroll along the beach and grassy cliffs for portraits. We hit up some of their favorite little spots to sit and places that had meaning for them, and it was just perfect.

For a Monday morning in July, it couldn’t have been better. <3


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