Public Gardens in Spring | Megan and Michiel’s Sunset Engagement Session

June 20, 2022

Since the whole world is now into video chat, engagement sessions (or even the day they get married!) is the first time we get to meet our couples in person.

Megan and Michiel booked us in 2021, and several months later we finally got to photograph them! They chose the Public Gardens for their engagement portraits, and we were all for it. As you can imagine we photograph there pretty often, but it’s ALWAYS beautiful and there’s always different angles/blooms/colours/trees/seasons/weather and it just doesn’t get dull! If anything we just get more creative. 🙂

This time, we got real lucky. Beautiful Spring blossoms, golden sunset light, and all the colours of the rainbow just popping! It was legit perfect weather, and an amazing way to start off our super busy wedding season ahead.

Megan and Michiel were awesome and totally slayed the session. Everyone always thinks they are way more awkward than they really are – it’s all about having the right photographers to bring out the best in you!

Look at ’em being their best selves! <3 Can’t wait for your wedding day you two!!


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