A Halifax Hogan’s Christmas Tree Engagement | Bre and Neno’s Hunt for a tree

December 17, 2020

A Winter Engagement Session at a Christmas Tree Farm

Um, we had the funnest idea for a session and I was so excited for this! Kevin thinks it was his idea but it was really mine… Not that we’re competitive or anything lollll. What matters is that Bre and Neno were totally onboard for hitting up a Christmas Tree Farm and picking out their own tree! And having some hot coffee and all around hangs with us, of course. After just a 25ish min drive from Halifax, we all met up at Hogan’s Christmas Tree Farm in Mount Uniacke. They are SO nice out there, and with just a small donation and at $25 a tree it’s not a bad way to spend an hour or so!

It was so cute, Bre and Neno even put some little lights on their tree for a few shots before sawing it down, and huddled altogether for warmth (cause it’s December and let’s face it, it’s Nova Scotia). Buttt we did get a little bit of snow for a few minutes! And they found the perfect little guy to take home and were oh-so-proud of their sawing abilities, hehe.

So happy we got to meet these two. They were total camera naturals and super fun peeps. It’s so great when we meet a couple that likes to have fun/be silly in their photos – it just makes everything magical and genuine times 10.

Look at ‘em!


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