A Lunenburg Engagement | Julia and Cameron’s quaint seaside session

August 6, 2020

A boy and a girl with incredible shoe – game

Okay. So. Before the engagement session, Julia sent me some wardrobe photos so I could weigh in. I love being included and helping makes me happy, but what made me even more happy in this particular instance, was Julia’s INSANE shoe collection. We only busted out 2 pairs for the session, but trust me, they are the tip of the beautiful iceberg. And now it’s basically been a paragraph where I’ve only talked about Julia’s shoes, but hey-ho. They made me drool!

Now that I’ve gotten the shoes off my chest, we can talk about Julia and Cameron as humans. They actually just moved back East fairly recently, and own a beautiful property in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. We popped into the town for their sunset session, and had the loveliest time chatting about their adorable goats (Watson and Sherlock) and their jaw-dropping shoe collection. I forgot to mention that Cameron’s shoes were also next level, and that he taunted us with talk of cherry red and gold-strapped beasts. That clink when you walk! Sadly we didn’t see them in person, but they did send us a photo after the shoot. Can confirm they are legit pimp-tastic. The next time we photograph these two we’ll be demanding a little show-and-tell! Hehe (things derailed back to shoes pretty quick, but once you see the photos you’ll understand!).

ANYWAY. They were so much fun to photograph, and so kind, lively, and just freakin’ friendly. We’ve been invited to go back to see the farm and the goats, and who says no to that?!

BEHOLD THE SHOES (and the beautiful humans wearing them) <3


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