Porters Lake, Nova Scotia | Matt and Christine’s baller wakeboarding engagement

August 8, 2023

Easily one of our favorite engagement sessions yet! Matt and Christine are lucky to live on Porters Lake in Nova Scotia, and they invited us out to their place to hop on their boat and photograph them wakeboarding together. WHAT. So coooooool!

If you’re not familiar with the concept, wakeboarding is that thing you do when you tie ropes to a motorboat and essentially get pulled on a surfboard and do cool jumps and thangs! There were a few adorable moments where they held hands while riding the waves next to one another and it was next level adventure cute!

We ended up with a perfectly summery July day, and with beautiful warm sun comes a gorgeous sunset. The light was stellar, they were so fun, and we even got to see some cool tricks! Not to mention their outfits were perfectly coordinated to match the colours of the boat (nothing is lost on me – and I’m a big of fan of those deets!). 

Being the kind and lovely humans they are, they offered to let us have a go, and if we had more time, I would have 1000000% been up for it. And been terrible at it. But it would have been amazing. Next time!

We are so excited for their upcoming wedding, and they’ve set the bar pretty high as far as engagement sessions go! Good luck future couples, you got your work cut out for ya. 🙂 



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