Citadel Hill Session | Brittany and Stefan’s Historic and Wintery Engagement

March 9, 2022

Citadel hill is always a special spot, with perfect view of Halifax and all the sweet textures of the old world for photos.

And it’s even better when your couple both worked and met there!

First, we had to hit up the noon gun. The stairs to the walls were closed off, but not to worry! We had the inside scoop. 😉 Brittany went over to persuade the commissionaire to let us up, and lucky for us he was a hilarious man who they had worked with for years. #specialtreatmentforthewin!

We got to be VIPs while every other person in the Citadel got scolded if they tried to follow us up top. Hehe, it does indeed pay to have connections!

Also Brittany and Stefan really showed off why colder weather is my fav. Those layers baby! And fashion on point! Matchy, but not too matchy, retro but with a modern twist, and pops of colour. Perfection! Oh and they are legit the cutest and super fun to hang out with. Thouuuugh I might be biased because they laughed at all my jokes (ha!).

Oh, and on the way out of the Citadel I noticed they were driving an Electric Vehicle so me and Stefan nerded out about all the new EVs coming, sooo 10/10 was my kinda couple!

Witness em!


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