Long Lake in November | Abha and Varun’s Stunning Engagement Session 

January 11, 2023

Firstly let me say for November 6th, none of us could believe the balmy 21 degree sunny weather we had. Talk about luck! I mean, yeah, global warming, but STILL. To be out at Long Lake on the water in November and not feel cold, what a treat. And to add more treat on top of that treat, it was Abha’s birthday! 

The moment we saw Abha walk toward us in her gorgeous royal blue dress, we knew we were in for a freakin’ stunner of a session. Naturally Varun was icing on the cake (harrrrr) in his stylish grey blazer. They looked incredible, and they were just glowing. 

The trees were relatively bare but there were still pops of colour here and there, and the lower brush was still pretty full. The star of the show was definitely the sky, though. And the wind! It blew through Abha’s dress and hair and brought everything to life. The silhouettes we were able to capture are some of my favorites to date! 

And to top it all off, they brought sparklers for blue hour. Admittedly the wind turned against us when we tried to light them (not once, nor twice, but thrice!) in many different spots along the walk back, but at the end of the trail we FINALLY got lucky and got those suckers lit. 100% worth itttttt. 

They were adorable, silly, and beautifully in love and it was an absolute pleasure for us to photograph them.



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