Places to Elope in Argentina

March 29, 2022

Full of lesser known incredible landscapes, Argentina has become one of my favorite places in the whole wide world. In the Patagonia region alone, there is an insane amount of diversity in nature, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Picture this: glacial lakes, icebergs, glacier trekking, penguins, forest as far as the eye can see, beautiful beaches, adorable rustic towns with European influence, and every bit surrounded by the Andes Mountain Range. There are views beyond views beyond views! And to top it all off, the southern hemisphere is an absolute win because they get a gorgeously long summer during the frigid Canadian winter – giddy-up!

I have spent 4 Canadian Winters in Argentina now and gearing up for my 5th coming up in 2025. As an adventure elopement photographer I’m always on the hunt for stunning elopement locations, so you can bet your bottom dollar there are even more to come. <3

By all means this isn’t an exhaustive list, but a wondrous beginning: some of favourites including Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego), El Chalten (most epic for hikes), and finishing off with El Calafate (near Los Glaciares National Park, featuring the stunning Perito Moreno!).

P.S. to see more of each place, feel free to head on over to @foxandfellowphoto on instagram where you can find lots of Argentinian Travel reels of each beautiful place!

Also, hit up the link below to see a full-blown Argentinian Elopement in Ushuaia:

Jolie & Kostas’s Adventure Elopement in Ushuaia

1. Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego

Genuinely one of the coolest places on earth, and the gateway to Antarctica. Yes, it’s the furthest southern city in the world which means you’ll be sitting pretty at the bottom of Argentina, and it’s freakin’ dope. Here you can take a steam train to the National park for some beautiful hikes, view the end of the Andes Mountain Range, take a helicopter tour over them, walk on an island with PENGUINS, explore the infamous Beagle Canal, see other incredible wildlife, and legit have an experience of a lifetime. 1 million/10 recommend!

See the Full Elopement here: Jolie and Kostas in Ushuaia

2. Volcán Lanín

Still considered an active volcano, Volcán Lanín towers almost 4000 meters high, and stands out like the most beautiful sore thumb you’ve seen amid the Andes Mountains. Bordering Chile in the Patagonia region of Argentina, you get a magical dry heat in the summer months and wonderfully fresh air in the Fall. The volcano itself is climbable in 2 days for those who are ultimate adventurers – and is considered a relatively easy climb for those with mountaineering experience. I mean, it’s no walk in the park BUT there are no ropes needed, as it’s not crazy steep. You can walk to the base of it in just under 30 minutes through an easy trail. And it is 100% magical. Not overly crowded, it’s easy to find places to have a secluded ceremony or portrait session without a doubt!

3. El Chalten

Capital of Hiking in Patagonia, this gorgeous little town is home to some of the most beautiful trails in Argentina. Namely, Mount Fitz Roy and Laguna de los Tres. Fitz Roy can be seen from the road on the drive to the little town, and it is one of the most stunning views I have ever seen. The hike to the Turquoise Laguna at the base of the mountain takes a solid 4-5 hours to reach, but there is a camp site below the final climb if you want to go that route so you wake up and see the view for the sunrise without crowds of people. Also, about 1 hour from the very beginning of the hike, there are already insane views of the mountain! So, want to still see it but take it easier? No problem! There’s also Laguna Torre and Laguna Capri, both shorter and easier, and many other less intense trails in the area. Spend a week and have the best and most adventurous time of your life! See wild foxes!

4. Isla Victoria

A stunning island only accessible by boat (from either the town of Bariloche or Villa La Angostura), Isla Victoria is an incredible place with beaches, incredible mountain views, and it’s full of trees from all over the world. Just a little over 100 years ago, all the lumber was used up from the island and different trees were then planted to re-populate from the loss. You get everything from North American, European, and Asian. And they are SO tall for only being around for 100 years! To top it off, the boat ride to the island itself is through one of the beautiful 7 lakes of Patagonia, completely surrounded by mountains. Perfectly situated for a secluded by adventurous elopement day.

5. Cataratas del Iguazú (largest waterfalls in the world!)

Legit the most giant of Waterfalls in the whole wide world, Iguazú Falls sits in Northern Argentina (practically in the jungle), on the cusp of Brasil. In fact, you can see Brasil on the other side. There are wooden pedways all along both the upper and lower areas of the jungle that mark the walking paths. They all lead to incredible views, and if you’re lucky you catch sight of the wild monkeys, toucans, and adorable coati (little raccoon lookin’ guys!). There’s also the option to hop in a boat and ride right up to the base of the Falls, but don’t forget to bring a poncho! The high season is during Summer, with the busiest months being January and February. If you want to avoid crowds, hitting it up in the off season is definitely an option.

6. Bosque Arrayanas

A delightful 24km there-and-back-again hike, Bosque Arrayanas is full of the gnarliest trees I’ve ever seen. Jutting out from the small town of Villa La Angostura, you can walk the full length of the forest in roughly 6-10 hours, depending on your pace. There are some ups and downs, but it’s not intensely difficult by any means. You can also take a 30 minute ferry ride, equipped with mountain views, and start at the other end – walking just one way (12kms instead), which takes 3-5 hours. The forest itself is full of the golden/orange arrayan tree, native to Patagonia and some regions of Chile only. It’s surrounded by gorgeous crystal clear turquoise waters, coloured that way due to the volcanic ash of previous volcano eruptions. An amazing place to spend the day celebrating your love with just the two of you in incredible nature.

7. Villa La Angostura

I’m completely obsessed with this little town. Villa La Angostura is a very rustic, beautiful, quirky, and just a magical place in the middle of the Andes Mountain Range. The town itself is in a valley, surrounded by mountains and just chock-a-block full of flavour. All the houses and buildings look like cabins, every corner has an adorable shop, and for such a little place, there are tea houses on tea houses on tea houses. My favorite being La Casita de Oma, definitely a must try. But the very best thing about Villa La Angostura, is that within a 1 hour drive radius, there is freakin’ crazy nature. There is everything from glacial lakes with mountain views, stunning waterfalls, and rocky formations to crazy pools in Calefù (Pozones de Caleufú in Spanish!). Bosque Arrayanas is also a hop skip and a jump away, there is no shortage of stunning portrait locations, ceremony spots, and just amazing activities to do while still having the opportunity to cuddle up comfortably in the most rustic and magical town you ever did see.

8. Bariloche

The liveliest and probably most popular spot in Patagonia, Bariloche has some of the most breathtaking mountain views I’ve ever seen. With a population around about 120,000, there is somewhat of a nightlife and the city itself does get busy in the high season of January and Feb. But that’s not even a bad thing! It’s full of street entertainment, amazing food, and lots and lots to do. You can take cable cars up multiple hills and sit in a cafe staring at the loveliest sights. There are tons of great places to hike, and this area of Argentina has German/Swiss influence, too! Not 40 kms away is a little village called Colonia Suiza, full of chalets and real cute vibes. Bariloche is an amazing place, perfect for those couples who like a bit of action but also want to escape into glorious nature.

9. El Calafate

Land of semi-dessert and glaciers, El Calafate is an adorable town surrounded by some of the coolest sites you ever did see. There are a TON of options for excursions and epic adventures, including 4x4ing through the canyons, seeing the local wildlife, glacial trekking, and glacial lake boat tours that take you right to the base of the infamous Perito Moreno. This hunk of a glacier is 30kms in length, and an unbelievable wonder of the world. Located in Los Glaciares National Park, it’s not the only glacier in the surrounding area but it sure is the most incredible in my opinion. If you’re lucky you’ll experience chunks of the glacier falling into the lake, forming some of the most amazing icebergs you’ll see during the boat tour. A must-see in Argentina, and a dope elopement adventure!

As I mentioned above, there are videos of each of these luscious locales on our instagram if you want to see more! I’d also recommend checking out these other instas below – they are all about travel and stunning nature in Patagonia – there are SO many magical landscapes!



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