8 Reasons to Elope in Patagonia, Argentina

April 12, 2022

Home to some of the most gorgeous landscapes, delicious food, and amazing experiences we’ve come across, the Patagonia region of Argentina has no equal. I’ve taken the liberty of compiling 8 reasons why you should seriously consider eloping in this incredible place. Read on fellow adventurers!

(Don’t need to be convinced? To see a full elopement in Argentina, head on over to the blog to check one out: Jolie and Kostas’s Adventure Elopement in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego)

1. Amazing Nature

First and foremost, let’s talk landscapes. Patagonia is located in the southern part of Argentina, alongside the Andes Mount Range next to Chile. It is INSANELY diverse and beautiful. You have everything from turquoise crystal-clear lakes, snow-capped mountains, volcanos, crazy rock formations, grassy hills, waterfalls, hot springs, even desert – and the list goes on! I travelled along this region for 5 weeks and I couldn’t fit everything in I wanted to explore.

2. Inexpensive

The Argentinian Peso is fairly low right now, which makes the dollar go a very long way. On top of that, things are pretty cheap in Argentina compared to North America anyway. A 2 hour private cab ride between towns will maybe cost you $35. Food is silly cheap, and accommodations are really reasonable. The epic hotels are a little more costly but it’s still nothing insane when you consider what you’d pay for a fancy place in Canada or the US. 10/10 would recommend.

3. The Wildlife

Genuinely some of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. In Ushuaia, there is so much diversity it’s absolutely mind-blowing. The fauna, the birds native to the area, the sea lions, and you can walk on a freaking island with PENGUINS. Yep. The most magical thing I’ve ever done, without a doubt. You can also take several boat tours around the Beagal Canal to experience the wildlife, and it’s legit the gateway to Antarctica so it’s impossible to disappoint. Surrounded by both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, in the midst of the Andes Mountains. It’s STUNNING.

3. Climate On Point

I can’t get over the beautiful weather in this region of Argentina. Patagonia has a dry heat, so it’s not overwhelmingly humid and gross. During the summer months (Jan-Feb-March), the air is cool, while the sun is hot. And somehow, this makes for less bugs which I am so on board with! The slide into the Fall is gradual too, since the warm season is a little longer in the southern hemisphere. When Winter hits, it doesn’t get nearly as cold but it’s crazy beautiful. Cool enough to snow without tragic windchills, with tons of slopes for skiing and outdoor adventures!

4. Less Touristy

Outside of the major touristy towns, Patagonia is barely crowded in nature. Bariloche is the busiest city in Patagonia, but during the off season (outside of Jan or Feb) there are way fewer tourists than you would get in any other city you’ve visited. If you go on your own self-guided hikes, it’s not at all crowded anywhere. It makes for a seriously relaxing and more private adventure. It’s legit perfect for eloping couples.

5. Unique and Authentic Experience

Because of the crazy diversity, there’s just nothing like it elsewhere. And because it’s less touristy, it’s more unique than more trendy elopement locations. Sure Iceland is neat, but everyone goes there and no one knows just how cool Argentina is. The southern hemisphere is HUGELY underrated, way less expensive, and it’s so freakin’ beautiful. You can climb Volcán Lanín, picnic next to turquoise pools, take a cable car to the top of a mountain, do glacial trekking, see wild foxes up close, and swim in glacial water. PLUS if you want to make things more epic, you can hit up Ushuaia and walk on an island with penguins, take a steam train to the national park, or helicopter over the Andes Mountain range. It’s perfect for unforgettable elopement adventures!

6. Foooooood!

Argentina does take a lot of stuff from other cultures, but it’s seriously all the best stuff! Italian style pizza, British style High Tea, and adorable German thangs! They even somehow have more vegan options than I’ve seen in Canada – which seriously surprised me. And for those into all things meat – there is no where in the world that does Asado (wood-fired BBQ) like Argentina. It’s legit their speciality. In Patagonia especially, there are tea houses on tea houses on tea houses! Also they have pastries (facturas) for breakfast and it is the most joyous morning meal in the whole wide world. Drool.

7. The Towns, The People, The Culture

Patagonia is full of some of the cutest freakin’ villages and towns I’ve ever encountered. I’ve already mentioned Bariloche – with a population of around 120 000 it’s the largest in that area. There’s also Villa la Angostura, San Martín de los Andes, Quila Quina, and many more (you can read more about the specific locations in my other blog Places to Elope in Argentina). These little towns are nestled into the Andes Mountains and have the most beautiful views, quaint rustic vibes, kindest people, and most deliciously adorable tea houses. Every house looks like a cabin, every lake is crystal clear, and the forest is so untouched and magical.

8. Last but not Least, Think of the Insane Photos!

As a photographer, I really just can’t help but think of all the amazing photo opportunities in Patagonia. I photographed it a lot the last time I was there, but all the while I was thinking about how insane it would be for eloping couples. The secludedness, lack of crowds, stunning landscapes, and unique things to do just makes it perfect for eloping! The sunsets on the mountains are wild, and the views can’t be beat.

I’m not a huge of fan of Winter so I’ll be heading to Argentina again from Jan-May 2025 (and 2026, 2027, 2028, forever and ever!) if you want to combine the magic of you with the magic of my photography! <3

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