Smaller, Intimate Weddings and Why we Love them

May 7, 2020

Small Weddings are the bomb-diggity!

We have lots of experience with smaller weddings here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and we freakin’ love them. They are actually our favorites to photograph, and here’s why:

1. They are hands-down more intimate. You get so much more time to share in this special day with the people you care about the most. This makes the whole day more meaningful, and the time that you get with your loved ones is genuine and never rushed. (i.e You don’t have to spend the whole reception going from table to table just to talk to your guests for less than 5 mins).

2. ALSO, you get more time with your partner. Let’s get real. You spend more time with your photographer than your partner on your wedding day. First you do the getting ready stuff, then the ceremony with everyone, then your portrait session (maybe 30mins-1hr) then it’s dinner, and reception and thanking all the guests. You barely have time for yourselves. When you have a smaller wedding, you actually have time to sneak away with your boo and everything isn’t so tightly scheduled.

3. When there isn’t the production of a big wedding, there is so much less stress! The schedule isn’t as rigid, you have more time to breath, and more time to enjoy your wedding day. We’ve seen countless stressed out brides/grooms/parents because of how much organization and planning a big wedding takes. And when something doesn’t go to plan, the schedule crumbles and it’s a much bigger deal to everyone. And when you feel stressed, this can show in your photos. This just doesn’t exist with small weddings! You can relax and let the day flow.

4. Also, smaller weddings tend to be way more unique! You can tailor them to be more about you as a couple, and incorporate little, meaningful things that reflect your relationship. When you book a big venue, weddings can become cookie-cutter fairly quickly. Don’t get my wrong, I love cookies, probably more than your average bear.. but wouldn’t you rather your wedding be a willy wonka cupcake that has whatever flavour you think of at the time and a magic unicorn horn instead of a boring ol’ cherry?

5. And last but not least…The photos! Oh man the photos. The photos are always SO MUCH BETTER when it’s a small wedding. There are so many more genuine moments that can be captured, and there is always enough time to get everything you want photographed. There is also more time to be creative, so your photographers can not only capture all those precious family moments, they can also take the time during your portrait session to make art happen. It’s magic!

Need some venue ideas for your small wedding? Don’t worry! I wrote about that, too. 😉

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