Herring Cove | A private intimate wedding in the forest for Rebekah and William

January 13, 2024

This is yet another tale of a rainy wedding day in Nova Scotia (because this year has been INSANE with the rain) BUT it just makes such a difference when you have a couple like Rebekah and William. They embraced the weather, had their ceremony outside anyway, and did their portraits in the rain all dang day (with breaks, of course!). 

They booked the cutest airbnb in Herring Cove, surrounded by the forest and invited a handful of their closest friends and family to witness their heartfelt ceremony (officiated by none other than one of their bestest friends). It was a rainbow of umbrellas as the rain fell through the trees, but man it was gorgeous. After shooing away all their guests post ceremony, we had a few hours all to ourselves for portraits and play time! 

And yes, they took serious advantage of the solitude. We captured them in their element, playing Magic The Gathering, being silly, having snacks, and legit just all hanging out as friends. Eventually we plopped outside again so that Rebekah and William could share private vows they had written for one another, and there were two incredible moments that stood out for me: 

  1. They just held one another for a while in the rain after they shared all their words. It was a beautiful moment to be privy to.


  2. I was being so ninja-like that William lost track of where I was and I scared the shit out of him and made him use some sweet profanities. There is video evidence. Lol!

After some shenanigans, Rebekah got back in her dress for some final portraits at the airbnb before heading to the reception location. They opted to have a celebratory potluck style dinner with more of their friends and family, which meant delicious homestyle eatin’! Get in my belly Mac and cheese and chickie nuggies! 🙂 

After some sweet dancing, catching up with their loved ones, and foods, we popped out for some final evening photos down the road. 

I am finding it difficult to convey just how much we loved our day with these 2 wonderful humans. Rebekah is animated, so sweet, adorable, and radiates joy. William is so thoughtful, hilarious, and warm. We all went together like a giant peanut butter and jelly sammy, and we are so grateful to have been the ones to capture their day. 



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