Victoria Park | Greer and Derek’s gorgeous Fall Elopement in Truro, Nova Scotia

November 7, 2023

It’s been hot minute since we’ve been to Victoria Park in Truro, but it’s just as majestic as ever. It’s like an oasis in the middle of this little town, with giant trees, little squirrelies, and stunning views. We loved the windy stair cases and the gorgeous nature.

Annnnd, we loved this couple even more! This year, our wildest dreams came true. We got a bride who wanted to wear a black wedding dress. YAY. We are so all about being your authentic self, and Greer and Derek couldn’t have brought the truest forms of themselves more! Matching sword earrings and a lapel pin? Yup. Derek even had to don on his seamstress hat and fix a broken zipper with some pliers and wire – lol. And did I mentioned Greer’s dress had a black cape?? Because it was freakin’ baller. 

They are so funny, adorable, and freakin’ gems of humans. They decided to have a teeny elopement with just the two of them and celebrate with a beautiful explore and portrait session at Victoria Park in Truro, Nova Scotia. And in October, we got all the colours! And after all the rain this year, we also got all the waterfalls! 

These two adventurers crawled about the rocks, got their tootsies in the cold water, climbed in the moss, and just all-around slayed this day. 

We are so grateful that we got to be part of their beautiful elopement.   



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