Halifax Nova Scotia | Janelle and Mitch’s Beautiful Backyard Wedding

October 2, 2019

Legit one of our favorite Nova Scotia Weddings

Kev and I were really excited to photograph this wedding, for so many reasons. I’m going to list some of them, because I write the blog posts and I can do what I want. 😉

  1. When we shot their engagement session at the Stillwell Beergarden and they shared their pizza with us and the idea to photograph their wedding rings in pizza was born. #ourkindofpeople

  2. After we had pizza together, we then had ice-cream. I mean c’mon. Food is the key to my heart! After someone gets me food pregnant there’s just a bond that can’t be broken.

  3. They are so incredibly laid back and fun, that we knew it was going to be an awesome day for us no matter the weather or any other circumstances.

Now, let’s get to the actual wedding itself, shall we? What an unbelievably touching, emotional, wonderful, and hilarious day. I don’t even know how to describe how kind and warm Janelle and Mitch both are. But even if we couldn’t see it for ourselves, their families couldn’t have described them better. Janelle hugged me as soon as I arrived and we were treated like a part of the gang. This is our favorite thing when it happens! And honestly, everyone from the wedding treated us with this amount of generous kindness. However, all things must be balanced and I legit can’t count how many times I saw guys pee that day. SO, peaks and valleys, amirite?

I haven’t even mentioned how beautiful the first look was between Mitch and Janelle. I mean, in my defense, it was my time of the month, but I did cry like a little bitch about 15 times during the day. The way they both looked at each other is the kind of love most of us can only dream of, and it was such a magical thing to witness. The ceremony was just as goddamn beautiful. We couldn’t have hoped for a better couple or a better day. ALSO there was a taco buffet with fried balogna so it’s safe to say literally all of my boxes were ticked!

We really hope our photos did these amazing humans justice. We are so honoured and proud to share ‘em!


Dress: Tatums Bridal

Suit: Modern Suiting

Flowers: Costco

Music: Advanced Systems DJ

Hair: Blush by the Cove

Make-up: Lisa Bennett from Manor Beauty Studio

Catering: BeardsNBriskets


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