Downtown Halifax Covid Wedding | Jenn and Ryan’s Intimate Celebration

March 28, 2021

Winter Wedding at The Lower Deck

Sometimes it seems crazy to me that there are humans out there who want a February Wedding in Canada, but then we photograph them… and they have a whole different kind of beauty. Anyone who knows me, know that me and cold do noottttt mix, hahaha. But it really is so worth it. The city just has a completely different vibe in the winter, and it makes those indoor moments extra cozy. And the couples we get that want winter weddings, are freakin’ ballers! If you willingly subject yourself to the elements in a wedding dress, you are a BEAST. <3

Jenn and Ryan went through a lot of planning, and re-planning, and then re-re-re-planning before their special day. We know first hand how hard that can be for our couples, but they really took the biggest hit when less than 24 hours before their wedding, new restrictions got put into place. I mean, c’mon! That’s rough, but they took it SO well. And despite the juggling of plans, they had a really spectacular intimate wedding. They have wonderful attitudes, and that’s part of what makes them such stellar humans.

The planned their 10-person ceremony at The Lower Deck in downtown Halifax, right on the historic properties and overlooking the waterfront. That area is easily one of my favorites in the city, and (bonus!) it’s basically a hop, skip, and a jump (by that I mean ferry ride) from my house! The details in their decor, by the way, were ridiculously ON POINT. Kev and I just love unique deets, that really represent the couple. Skulls and dice on every table, people. What a badass duo.

View them in their majesty! <3


Officiant: Michael McCluskey

Dress: David’s Bridal

Shoes: Le Chateau, and Kate Spade for the Keds!

Hair: Stash Allen

Make- Up: Kala Clarke

Nails: Gravity Beauty Lounge

Suit: RW&CO

Venue & Catering: The Lower Deck Tap Room

Flowers: Michaels

Cake: Jennie’s Cake Design

Invitations: Vistaprint


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