Halifax Westin Hotel Elopement | Kev and Jen’s Intimate Westin Wedding

May 26, 2019

Kev & Jen

When the couple welcomes you like part of the gang and insists they take you out to dinner after you’re off the clock, you know you’ve hit the wedding jackpot. Kev & Jen are both so kind, funny, silly, generous, and goddamn beautiful. What an absolute treat to be invited to be part of their incredibly touching day. With just a handful of guests, this little wedding exploded with love. A total of 9 people (including me and Kev! – yes there were 2 Kevs all day, it was confusing. Kev squared!). Anyway, yes, a total of 9 people (..which is also my favourite number by the way). OKAY OKAY I’m on track here! 9 PEOPLE. Intimate weddings are my absolute favourite. There is time to be genuine, time to make friends, jokes, and just time to get plain ol’ close. It’s so crazy meaningful, and we are so happy we got to capture something so rare.

Kev and Jen and their close little family were absolutely radiant. They got married in suite 840 at the Westin Halifax, on a secluded balcony in front of an insanely cool and old white archway/door to nowhere. Literally no idea where it used to lead, but it was perfect. What a gem of a find for a gem of a couple. <3

And what a perfect way to kick off our wedding season!


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