A Guide to Coronavirus And Your Wedding

April 17, 2020

Postponing Your Wedding Because of Covid-19?

Hello there all you lovely humans! I know this isn’t the outcome we were all hoping for, but we are here to help you make the most of an unfortunate situation. 🙂 This is our little helpful guide to make it easier if you’ve decided to postpone your wedding due to coronavid-19.



Actually you don’t have to think it, I made it! … and I love it. Quarantine has clearly brought out the best in me, haaaa.

Once you’ve done all of the above, please proceed to tip # 2. <3

TIP#2: Contact your vendors as soon as you can

If you are able choose a non-weekend day for your wedding, this will make things much easier in two big ways:

  1. It will likely be easier for you to reschedule most, if not ALL of your current Vendors. This can literally be as easy as a few phone calls and a new contract. This way you won’t have to find new ones, and it won’t be like you’re starting over from scratch. 🙂 AND you won’t have to pay new deposits, which is very helpful since most wedding vendor deposits are non-refundable. These exist to keep vendors in business, so they can keep the ball rollin’. That being said, some vendors may also charge a date change fee, but many are also waiving this fee in light of the circumstances. This is a crazy time for us all – and we all need to work together and be kind.

  2. Choosing a weekday is great for the Vendors you initially chose, too. They want to be part of your day as much as you want them to be part of yours. Trust me, I know firsthand! We’ve built a relationship with our couples, and we feel connected to them. We want to be at your wedding. 2021 is going to be a busy year because of all this virus-business, and there are only so many weekends available during peak season. If only we could magic extra weekends into existence! Which brings me to my next tip.


Another thing that can really open up the weekend scheduling for your big day (and availability of all your vendors too) is to have a Winter Wedding instead! These can be SO beautiful, and so unique. There are really amazing, cozy, and fantastic wedding venues built exactly for this time of year. Think wood fires, comfort food, stunning stone work, luscious greens and warm rustic colours. Even some of the summer venues make for wonderful winter spaces. You can still have an outdoor ceremony if you want, and you can still have your portrait session outside, too. And the nice thing about it being a little colder is you can layer up, and have lots of variety in your photos (um, BONUS, you could wear a cloak!). We love shooting Winter Weddings, even if there isn’t any snow!

Ultimately you have to make the right choices for you, so don’t worry! All your vendors are professionals, and they will help you. Everyone in the wedding industry has a lovely list of other businesses they can recommend, and would be happy to help you. You’ve built a relationship with your vendors, and even if they aren’t available they want to give you the most positive experience possible. As photographers, we have people we always recommend who we KNOW are awesome. Just ask, and we would all be glad to help you find a replacement. 🙂

TIP#5: Celebrate your day regardless

If you are up for it, do something just for you and your fiancé on the day your wedding was to take place. Some options include picking up cupcakes in your wedding cake flavor, spending the day relaxing together with your favorite movies, eating a donut as big as your head, putting on superhero costumes and doing all of the previous suggestions… the world is your oyster!

Remember that whenever or wherever your wedding ultimately takes place, it will be beautiful—and your loved ones will be there to support you. Until then, try to soak up being engaged to the love of your life for just a little longer.

And if you have ANY questions or concerns, Kev and I are always here to help. Even if you aren’t one of our couples, we have an open-doors policy and I’m the queen of emails. Just reach out. Contact us here. We friendly. 🙂


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