Wedding Venues in Halifax and Beyond!

May 1, 2020

Halifax and other Nova Scotia Wedding Venues

These are some of the best wedding venues that we’ve had the pleasure of photographing. In no particular order. 🙂

1. Owl and Otter – Mineville

One of the cutest and newest wedding venues in the HRM, the Owl and Otter is doubles as an Airbnb and Wedding Venue. It’s relatively affordable, nestled into the woods, and next to a beautiful little lake. The Venue itself is capable of housing several guests overnight, so your VIPs can stay right on the property. And to top it off, there’s a separate boathouse that can be booked just by the couple if you still want to have your alone time. Yeehaw! This venue is perfect for smaller weddings in nature!

2. Windgate Weddings Farm in Annapolis Royal

Are you an animal lover? Do you connect with a simple, rustic theme? I can’t talk this place up enough. It’s so so so beautiful. The ceremony takes place outdoors next to an old-fashioned barn.. while peaking at horses over the fence. And yes you are allowed over the fence to pet the horses. There is also a fantastic old carriage, and so much space inside the barn to have things set up unique to your tastes. I can’t describe the beauty of the light coming though the slats on the inside of the building, or the amazing sunsets and cozy fires you can have outside. See for yourself!

3. Lower Deck

The Lower Deck is an awesome venue located is the historical properties of downtown Halifax. It’s affordable, has character, and it’s the perfect spot to have your reception. It has easy access to the harbour front, which is perfect for photos, or even having your small ceremony. Its only downside is that it is a darker venue (thanks to the lovely wood slats over all the walls and ceiling!) so make sure you hire photographers that have photographed there before are have the right lighting. Other than that, it’s risk free and super dope!

4. Harbour Mist in Blandford

This gorgeous venue can host up to 150 guests, and is completely suitable for 25 guests and under as well! It’s a beautiful estate house on the oceanfront just South of Chester, NS. The building itself is a stunning french-victorian home with a spiral staircase to boot, but the nature is what tugs at my heart strings. You can tie the knot cliffside and feel like you’re on a quaint seaside villa. It is absolutely breathtaking and it’s at the top of our list for shooting!

5. Le Caveau Winery

This is one of the most elegant venues we have seen, and it’s in one of the most lovely places: Wolfville in the Valley. And we can’t say enough about the incredibly attentive and kind staff. Easily the best people we have worked with, with one of the most beautiful venues. The ceremony is held in the courtyard outside, next to the gorgeous vineyard. To top it off, it’s all just a 5 minute pop down from the Grand Pre National Museum, which is an amazing location for your portrait session. They have stunning gardens and an old fashioned church with unique architecture. And what’s more, the food at Le Caveau is amazing! You honestly have it all here.

6. Citadel Hill

This provincial historic site is one of the most unique places to hold your wedding, and we’ve seen it be used in a number of ways! Firstly, the architecture is just stunning, and there are several rooms available for dining and reception, some of which are separated across the inside square. There are also 4 unique casemates all connected, which can be tailored at your specific request. Think bar room, dance room, snack room, anything your heart desires! It’s also a photographers dream, since there are so many unique places for portraits, and such a beautiful view all round the top of the Hill.

7. OceanStone Seaside Resort

This oceanside venue comes equipped with several charming cabins for lodging, which means everything is all in one place! You don’t have to do much travelling, which takes a little stress away from your day. On top of that, the ceremony location has the most incredible view of the water, and the whole place is only 5 minutes from Peggy’s Cove! We’ve mentioned how wonderful of a place that is for your portrait session, with so much variety just around the corner.

8. Prince George Hotel

This central Halifax hotel is stunning on the inside and the outside. We were fortunate enough to photograph here during Hurricane Dorian, and it was one of the only places that didn’t lose power. What luck! Also, it’s connected via pathways to Scotia Square, the Casino, etc, so there are tonnes of great places for your photo session should you get a rainy wedding day. And if you don’t, it’s right downtown and surrounded by lots of beautiful green and urban spaces!

9. Plain Ol’ Backyard Style

Last but not least, we love a good ol’ fashioned back yard shindig. This makes things so special, always unique, and there is an air of carefree that you just can’t replicate anywhere else. Homestyle charm, full of family and friends, and full of comfort. These days there are so many amazing wedding caterers out there, you can have anything you want brought right to your home! If you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease (or have fam and friends to help out) this is an amazing way to celebrate!


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