Don’t Just Have One Kind of Portrait Session on your Wedding Day!

June 29, 2020

Your Portraits can be so much more!

Kev and I are primarily documentary-style photographers, and really pride ourselves on our authentic and candid photography. We are all about capturing genuine emotion on your wedding day. This is a lot more real, and it really showcases the uniqueness of you, your family, and your wedding! However, during the portrait session part of the day, we tend to help a little more with posing while still allowing for that genuine emotion to filter through. During your wedding, we like to take time for portraits more than once. This not only gives you a little break from all the hectic-ness, it also provides an opportunity for different scenery, different light, and totally different moods! Variety is key here, and we love it! There are basically 3 times for portraits that happen throughout the day:

1. What we call “traditional portrait time”!

Although these photos aren’t actually traditional in the sense of being super posey (think the opposite of your grandmas wedding photos), they do happen at the traditional portrait session time. This normally takes place after the first look, or after the ceremony and is the longest session of the day. Basically the allotted time for portraits we’ve set into the schedule. These photos happen at a location (or locations) of your choosing, and we plan it out ahead of time.

2. Portrait Quickies!

These fancy little nuggets happen when the mood strikes, and we see something in our surroundings that inspires us. They are normally very fast and just take a few minutes. They could be individual portraits, or something together depending on what point of the day it is! After it’s done, we let you go right back to what you were doing and start up again with all that dope candid style stuff we’re always on about. 🙂

3. And lastly – Sunset/Night Portraits!

This session is maybe about 20 minutes or so, and we basically steal you away from your reception for a last portrait hurrah. This is when we can really get creative and artsy! The light is completely different for this session, and it’s a perfect opportunity to have a break from all the commotion of your day. This is where we might take a stab at some sick silhouettes, or bust out our lighting gear and make something magical.


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