Baile nan Gàidheal | Highland Village | Delaney and Chad’s historic adventure elopement in Cape Breton

September 5, 2023

It was our first time visiting the historic Highland Village in Cape Breton, and boy was it magical. The Highland Village (Baile nan Gàidheal) is a historic site and museum lovingly mixed with incredible nature. There are 11 historic buildings across a 43 acre property with a stunning view of the Bras d’Or Lake in Nova Scotia. The village itself is dedicated to showing the story of Gaelic folklife, and it’s pretty dang beautiful. And so unique! 

Delaney and Chad had their intimate elopement there in the tiny church with their closest humans, fully equipped with a Scottish Ceremony and traditional handfasting! There was rum, there was bread, and there was love love love! 

After saying see ya later to a handful of their friends and fam who were present for the ceremony, we took some stellar photos around the grounds (hello horses, highland cows, and sheep!). Once we’d had our fill exploring, we made our way to our second destination: Ironville Falls. 

Delaney and Chad opted to have a portion of their day devoted to adventure, so we all set out to the trailhead and loaded up on repellent and water and, of course, more rum! 

Ironville Falls is a thickly forested hike, around 45 mins each way. There has been A LOT of rain in Nova Scotia this year, so yeah, it was pretty muddy! Butttt they rocked it. We all got a little soggy and a little sweaty in that sweet humidity, but it was so worth it. All that rain made the falls so pretty, and we watched the water rush down the rocks in silent awe and got some insanely gorgeous photos. Annnnd had some rum shots, let’s not forget that! 

Delaney and Chad also really wanted to see a lighthouse and have some portraits taken there, BUT it wasn’t in the cards. The spot we all had in mind was private property. BUT not to worry! A few days later we all hopped in the Fox mobile and went to explore Peggy’s Cove in southern Nova Scotia. See their post-elopement portrait session HERE!

Annnd look out below for their incredible adventure elopement day! 


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