Backyard Intimate Wedding | Aaron and Krista in Mineville, Nova Scotia

September 26, 2022

We love ourselves an adorable home wedding, and we love it even more when the couple is rad AF. Aaron and Krista live in BC now, but came home to tie the knot on at house Krista grew up in – how adorable is that. We always encourage our couples to create a day that is meaningful to THEM, and that is 100% what this day was all about.

Krista’s Momma has a beautiful lake view property, with adorable gardens and greenery all over. It was legit the perfect setting for an intimate wedding day. There’s even a little dock with tiny rocky beach where Krista spent many a day barefoot splashing around in the water. What a wonderful thing, to have your person experience that with you on the day you become life partners. <3

After a very sweet little ceremony (in perfect lighting might I add – thanks Mother Nature for holding off on the rain!), we did some portraits and headed to the gorgeous downtown airbnb they booked to have their reception. After a pit stop to see Grandpa of course!

Topped off with an amazing private caterer (Anemone Dining – best we have experienced in NS!), the evening was so relaxed, so special, and just plain beautiful. Sharing in your wedding day with your absolute closest of humans is pretty adorable.

Witness ’emmmm!


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