Argentina Take 3

June 1, 2020

Donuts and Donairs + the occasional walk/waddle

Hey friends! Tragic news! This’ll be my last blog post in Argentina, as I’m pretty sure I’m currently flying somewhere in/over the US en route to (what?) HOME. It’s going to take me more than 50 hours, with 2 overnight stays (Miami and some weird city in North Carolina.. and Toronto) but then it’s straight into my cookie monster onesie for binge-eating macaroni cheese and pizzas! (stay tuned for pics of that).

Belgrano, Buenos Aires

2020-05-25 04.31.17 1.jpg

Remember when I promised I would stop taking phone pics? Well. I didn’t. But I’m sure this isn’t the first time someone has lied to you, and it defs won’t be the last. So many injustices in the world amirite?

I didddd however, take less phone pics, so. there’s that. Thankfully for the last couple of weeks we have been allowed out for walks, so I now have a favorite street and a new appreciation for Fall in another country. SO PRETTY.

As you know by now I’ve just been doing a ton of eating. One day I was homesick and we made donairs and it was magical. Another day I ate so many donuts that I felt sick. Also magical. And pics are not phone pics! OH and just as a side note before I forget, I had one of the most greatest pleasures bestowed upon me during my time here: I got to teach an adult human how to play 52 PICK UP. You just… You can’t even imagine how great that is. Trust me.

Then I ate a bunch of random cakes and more pizzas because I wanted to. And I made this thing called Choripizza which is basically a sausage in the middle with pizza slices as bread… I don’t know how but I’ve maybe only gained 3-4lbs. Don’t be mad? Also we’re back to phone pics now.

If I know myself (and I think I do) I’m probably sleep-deprived and grumpy and wishing I could go outside in Miami right now since I’ll be stuck there for 16 hours. If anybody wants to go on a road trip when this is all over, count me IN (but we have to stop at every Ihop).



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