Travelling in Argentina – A Fox Abroad!

March 22, 2022

Some of your know (but I reckon most of you don’t) that I – the fox part of Fox and Fellow – am not a huuuuge fan of the winter. To put it mildly, ha! In the last few years I’ve made it a personal goal of mine to travel during the Canadian Winter, and luckily this year I’ve been able to make that happen! It’s legit one of the reasons why I love my job so much. Being an elopement/wedding photographer allows me the freedom in our off season to work from anywhere I want, as long as I’ve been a very good little budgeter!

Also, it me! On my 35th birthday in Argentina!

I’ve really been transitioning into an Experience over Things kind of gal, so this year I gave up my apartment so I could have an influx of extra cash to support my travels. With the current rental market in Halifax, was definitely a risk! But again, I’m lucky to have awesome friends and fam who will take me in until I find a new place (AKA living with the Fellow and his Fiancée #roomies #roomabovethegarageforjoey!).

I’ve been working on learning Spanish for the last few years, too, and I have made some friends along my language journey, so why not hang out in South America for 4 months and do some learnin? It’s summer, it’s beautiful, it’s full of mountains, lakes, amazing hikes, and magical tea houses. and the PIZZA (droooool). I never thought I could love onions, cheese and oregano on bread so much, but low and behold it’s freakin’ dope.

The other thing that I’ve discovered about Argentina, is that on top of it having the most incredible views, it’s SO cheap. Like $30 for a 2-hour-private-taxi-to-another-town cheap. Not so great for their economy mind, but the perfect combination for adventurous eloping couples. And adventurous photographers!

After travelling around the stunning Bariloche, Villa La Angostura, and San Martín de los Andes, I’m 100% planning on coming back for another several months in 2023. Now that I know some awesome guides and I’ve been all over, I’m stoked to be taking bookings for Argentinian elopements Jan-May next year. So, hold onto your hats!

And get in touch if you want to come explore with me! My Spanish is still kind of shit but I can get us all by (or at least order us all empanadas and cakes).


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