Living La Vida Loca in Argentina

April 15, 2020

No one says it better than Ricky Martin

As most of you know I’ve been hanging out in Argentina for the past 4-5 weeks. I had this vacation planned for a while, so come March I was real pumped to spend BIRTHDAY MONTH eating new cakes and bouncing about little towns, yelling random Spanish words at strangers (Hola! Pija! Sorpresa! and the like). After 3 days into my 30-day trip, it became prettttyyy clear to this little Halifax wedding photographer that wasn’t going to happen. SO. For the last month I’ve been plopped down quarantining in Buenos Aries, eating pizzas, empanadas, and trying to tame 2 VERY stubborn budgies who are afraid of their own feathers, lollll. Not the trip I imagined, but certainly one I won’t forget.

I DID however get to do a few cool things before being stuck in an apartment (thankfully with a friend who can cook FYI – because if you don’t know, cooking not me strong suit).

Sooooooo. Here I am in Iguazú seeing waterfalls and animals and taking pics with my real cam! (You’ll see how quickly that devolved to phone pics when you scroll down haaaa).



ArgLandscape (1 of 2).jpg


It was pretty magical, and 37 degrees! Jungles are insane. I saw weird birds and butterflies and funny raccoon things, too!

Iguazu (3 of 7).jpgIguazu (4 of 7).jpgIguazu (5 of 7).jpg

I had one day of bumbling about in the sweltering jungle before I had to come back to Buenos Aires, but two cool portraits were taken at the hotel before boarding the plane (and obviously I stopped to buy a magnet because I WASN’T leaving without one).

Iguazu (7 of 7).jpg

Admittedly after this it sort of all goes downhill, but I did demand birthday candles in random foods and I’ve become very proficient at folding the empanada butts. Haha! If you don’t know, empanadas are traditionally made with meat/onion/peppers, ham and cheese, that sort of thing. Pretty simple. I insisted on making some with macaroni and cheese and hotdogs.. because I grew up in Shelburne and I can do what I want. They were the literal tits. I am amazing. (Also I promise I’ll stop using my phone for pics soon – DON’T JUDGE ME).

Even with all that deliciousness I still missed Garlic Fingers though so we made them and then I curled up in bed with a bread coma. True story.

With all flights currently cancelled to and from South America, it looks look I’m going to be here for quite some time. Thankfully Argentina is doing pretty well considering, so perhaps I’ll get to explore the city a little more. Stay tuned for the forthcoming shenanigans!

(Also I wrote this while eating an entire easter basket of chocolates. No regrets).


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