Fiesta de Alfajores!

May 2, 2020
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I guess this is a food blog now? 3 cheers for alfajores!

Howdy there! I’ve been learning a lot about food in Argentina (‘cause what else can I do with my time? amirite?). SO today I’m gonna introduce you to my fav sweet thing: the Alfajor (that’s pronounced Alfa-whore btw. Very important).

SO what is an alfajor you ask? It’s a dessert sandwich! You get two vanilla cookie things, and in the middle is dulce de leche (like a thick caramel spread, but picture it 1000% better than anything you’ve ever pictured).

Below are the fun steps on how I made these (I skipped the un-fun ones) and at the end (spoilers) I try to fit all of my favorite one in my mouth (that’s what she said).

First we made these and now we stack them and get them ready for sandwiching!

Alfajores (2 of 15).jpg

The magical inside stuff! It’s made out of milk and sugar and some other stuff. I don’t know, I’m not an expert!

Alfajores (3 of 15).jpg

Oh look, I did it! It’s so cute! But how can we MAKE IT BETTER?

Alfajores (4 of 15).jpg

My thoughts exactly. Sprinkles. They make everything better! And as usual, I do what a want.


Daaaaamn am I some sort of alfajor magician or what?!


This one is my precious. I made it with love (and like all of the sprinkles that were left). Shut up.



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