Peggy’s Cove Elopement | Lisa and Ian’s intimate day in Nova Scotia

September 14, 2022

Lisa and Ian planned their elopement to Nova Scotia all the way from BC, and it was the sweetest, most personal and intimate day ever. They knew from the get-go they wanted to explore the rugged coast of Peggy’s Cove and share their ceremony with very special few loved ones (less than 10, including yours truly!).

Lisa is easily one of the most thoughtful people we have ever met, and even though their life is crazy pants busy with owning their own business, planning an elopement, and having a billion other things going on in their lives, she legit MADE us our own individual scrap books as a gift for being part of her day (along with a bunch of other special things for the wedding day!). That’s the kind of human she is – kind, creative, and so very genuine. <3 

And of course, Nova Scotia being Nova Scotia, it was due to rain pretty heavily on the day of the elopement. Both Lisa and Ian were so go-with-the-flow, it hardly mattered. After an intimate little ceremony at Ian’s Parents’ home and some delicious foods and cake, it was time to go explore! Umbrella was purchased, jackets just in case, and away we went to Peggy’s Cove to brave the moody skies, wind, and the glorious waves. We all got a little wet, a little dirty, and had ourselves a true NS adventure. It was beautiful. 

Be like Lisa and Ian – they are wonderful. Witness ‘em! 


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