Halifax Courtyard Marriott Wedding | Cassandra and Mitch’s Rooftop Shindig

October 8, 2019

A Windy Wedding at the Courtyard Marriott!

We are legit always happy to be photographing a wedding in downtown Halifax. Cassandra and Mitch were so down to earth, kind, and welcoming. Since they were travelling from Ontario, we didn’t get to meet them in person before the big day. But it legit didn’t matter at all. They made us feel like part of the group, and that’s always so awesome for us.

There was a moment when Cassandra and I were alone in the hotel room right before the ceremony, and she was half nervous/half excited, looking in the mirror, checking all the final touches. She turned and asked if I was married, and said with wide eyes “it’s fucking wild”. I smiled to myself and my heart melted for her, because I could tell she was overflowing with emotion about what was about to happen. The love that she has for Mitch was so evident, and when I saw him see her for the first time, I got the same feeling. What an absolute gift my job is!

It was only a half day for us, but it’s not one we are going to forget. 🙂 Congratulations Cassandra and Mitch! <3


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