Witchy Vibes with Archana at Kearney Lake, Nova Scotia

November 17, 2022

Once or twice a year we get to do a shoot with one of my very best friends, Archana. Every time we sit down to plan a shoot, the ideas just get more dope. The Fall in Nova Scotia is perfect for portrait sessions no matter what, but this time we went a little darker, a little moodier, and a whole lot more epic.

I like to think of Archana and I as somewhat kindred spirits, so when she proposed the idea of a shoot with witchy vibes, I was ALL OVER IT. We both have dreams of hermitting in the woods in a creepy witch house, scaring the children and yelling at them to “get off our lawn!”. This idea seemed absolutely perfect, and the light cooperated beyond our wildest dreams.

Kev also had the forethought to bring along some smoke in a can for added atmosphere, and eeeee, we loved it! Can confirm it did not disappoint.

We headed on up to a whole new entrance to Kearney Lake trails (one which we’ll absolutely been keeping in our back pocket from here on out!). We barely had to walk 5 minutes before finding perfect dappled golden light. Hurricane Fiona gave the woods a slightly more withered look, and it completed worked with what we were going for. There were little brooks, toppled trees, and a very ethereal look about this forest.

As the kids say, it was LIT.


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