Point Pleasant Park Portrait Session | Archana in Autumn Take 2!

October 30, 2021

Even though we’ve shot in downtown Halifax many times, and in many of it’s lovely parks, we never come up short with ideas of how to shoot differently.

4 years ago I met this wonderful lady because she bought a golden doodle puppy and by the magic of the internet, she hired me to dogsit Boomer, her little fur monster. After many holes in my tights from his pointy teeth and puddles of pee on my floor, a friendship blossomed! Now many moons later, AJ hires us once or twice a year to do a creative portrait session together. Collaborating on creative projects with this lady is something I always look forward to, and we just get better and better every year.

This year, as much as it pains me to say it, Kevin kinda slayed it. Usually I do a lot of the shooting with these sessions but as luck would have it, it was his time to shine!

The mosquitos had an absolute field day as dusk settled, but somehow we all survived. 😀

Look at this absolute goddess. <3


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