The Public Gardens | Keeshia and Noel’s Summer Engagement in Halifax

September 21, 2022

A place I absolutely love walking through every time I’m in downtown Halifax, The Public Gardens is always so beautiful. Full of flowers, trees, greens, and rainbow colours all over. There’s the cutest cafe for sweets and ice cream, and a pond full of friendly duckies! In the Spring, you get to see little ducklings, too.

Somehow, Keeshia and Noel had never been! Driving down all the way from Cape Breton, they made the 4 hour trip just to experience that sweet golden light in Summer. It did not disappoint!

Even though we only had 45 minutes until it closed, we packed in some magical moments. Keeshia and Noel brought along an outfit change so they could include some of their Native culture in the session, too. We didn’t have enough time for Waltes (ancient Mi’kmaq dice and bowl game) but I’ve got hope it gets busted out for the wedding day next year!

We can’t wait, but until then enjoy this beauty of a session. 🙂


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