Halifax Point Pleasant and Citadel Hill Engagement | Colin and Kara’s ocean session

September 12, 2020

Point Pleasant Park & Citadel Hill at Sunset Never get old!

I always feel like we’re pretty darn lucky to be living in such a kind, beautiful, and welcoming city like Halifax. But recently even more so (thanks Covid!). Nova Scotia can feel a bit secluded some days, but in times like this it’s made our part of the world a little safer. This means Kevin and I have been able to continue photographing our couples, and boy are we grateful for that!

We got to meet Colin and Kara in person last night (finallyyyy) and we had such a fun time. They are so chill, easy going and just darn cuuuute. It’s so lovely when we get to meet a couple and it’s comfortable like we’re blabbing with friends. These two were naturals in front of the camera, and we got real lucky with the light!

We popped down to Point Pleasant to kick off the session by the water (always a great choice) and hopped up to Citadel Hill to finish things off with some silhouettes. Colin actually proposed at Citadel Hill so it’s a special place for them, and it’s such a beautiful spot that I’ve really come to love this year. I should also mention that Colin proposed to Kara on his own birthday, which is fucking hilarious. What better way to make it a surprise!

Anyhoo, we into these two. Enjoy their wonderful faces!


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