The Lord Nelson and Citadel Hill | Brittany and Stefan’s Historical Wedding Day

November 5, 2022

Two of the most animated, silly, and adorable humans we’ve had the pleasure of photographing, Brittany and Stefan tied the knot at The Lord Nelson in downtown Halifax with their closest friends and family.

The day started off a little rainy (in true Nova Scotia fashion) but we still got amazing photos anyway. Brittany and Stefan met when they both worked at the Citadel Hill Historic Site, so of course we had to pop there for portraits! We always looove going there, it’s has amazing architecture, sweet canons, and such unique personality. We always encourage our couples to make their day about THEM, and going to Citadel just felt totally right. 

Weddings in October down this way can sometimes be a little unpredictable when it comes to temperature, but it was a sweet 15 degrees and really just couldn’t have been better. Cool enough not to sweat and warm enough not to freeze! I’ll take it. 

Brittany was a glamorous princess, and Stefan was dapper AF. We love a white dress and a blue suit and they just glowed together. 

Look at em! 


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