Herring Cove Nova Scotia Wedding | Colin (alterego: Spiderman) and Megan’s Magical Fall Wedding Session

September 23, 2021

Our hearts are so full after this wonderfully sweet, silly, adorable, and creative couples session with Colin and Megan.

We booked them for their wedding in the midst of Covid with some high hopes that things would blow over enough for them to tie the knot in Nova Scotia by the Summer last year. Alas, that wasn’t the case. They were travelling from Alberta and the struggle was certainly real! But to our delight, they were finally able to make it down this way for a visit after almost 2 years since we booked them, and boy were they worth the wait.

We feel like we hit the couple jackpot, and although we are sad that we didn’t get to shoot their actual wedding day, we had a freakin’ blast photographing their post-wedding portrait session in their wedding get-up. As promised many moons ago, Spiderman even made an appearance!

We plopped on up to Herring Cove (where Colin grew up!) and first we hiked through some brush and teeter-tottered on some precarious rocks to get to a lovely little pond surrounded by fall colours. Megan absolutely slayed it in her wedding dress, hiking boots and all! We made our way to some rocky cliffs, and then to the infamous provincial park look-off right for sunset. The light was SO beautiful, and we’re so excited that we were finally able to capture this wondrously sweet couple in action.

When you video chat, it’s hard to see all the nuance that make up a couple’s interaction. We knew they were an awesome fit for us, but it really became evident in person how incredibly well-suited they are for one another.

I mean, we see A LOT of couples, and these two just really stood out. I mean, they met playing Quidditch, people! Does it get any cooler than that??

BTW – Follow Colin’s instagram @everyday.spiderman – it’s baller.

Look at ’emmmmmm!


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