Cortney and Evan | Halifax Engagement

April 7, 2020

Winter Time in the City!

SO. We ran an Engagement Giveaway in January and we have 5 new wonderful couples to photograph! Cortney and Evan are the first, and they killllled it. They trudged from New Glasgow back in Feb and met one weekend for our session, and we got so lucky! The weather was a balmy 3 degrees, and for mid-winter I just can’t complain. We even got a little sun, and tons of variety in the lighting. Yay. 🙂

Also Halifax Historic Properties legit never disappoints, and we are always on the hunt for dope graffiti spots. Not only did these two slay the session, we had so much fun just chatting and hanging out. Their wedding isn’t until Nov 2021, but we are still super excited!

Evan is a funny fancy barber guy with a ginger beard to match Kevin’s, and Cortney is so sweet, fun, and excited about our creative bits. It’s freakin’ lovely. They let us take the reins and do our own thing and the results were awesome.



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