Wedding Portrait Locations in Halifax

June 8, 2022

Wondering where to take amazing wedding portraits in Halifax? Look no further! We’ve been photographing in this awesome city for years, and we know our stuff. Check out our list below for the most beautiful, unique, and fun places to have your wedding portraits in magical Halifax, Nova Scotia. Urban, Historic, and Nature alike!

Historic Portrait Session Vibes

1. Citadel Hill National Historic Site

Easily one of our favorite places to shoot in downtown Halifax – Citadel Hill is an old Military Fort from the late 18th century, and a pretty cool historic landmark smack in the middle of the city. It has a TON of variety and unique portrait locales, and comes with the added fun of people in historic regiment attire to boot! When it comes to portraits, there’s historic buildings, a neat bridge entrance, views of the city from the top of the hill, cool cannons, and occasionally you even get bagpipers piping around! Not to mention the clock tower on the outside of the hill. If you like history, you can’t go wrong!

2. Waterfront Historic Properties

Definitely another lovely spot for portraits is the Historic Properties on the Halifax Waterfront. Not only is the area full of brick and stone buildings, you are also right on the waterfront which has its own east coast charms. Just a hop, skip and a jump from here is the new Queen’s Marque, which has stunning views of the harbour and a splash of modern architecture, cool wall textures, and neat reflective surfaces.

3. York Redoubt

If you’re into history but want portraits with a few less people around, then York Redoubt is your best bet! It’s located a few minutes outside the city and it’s filled with awesome steps, old forts, brick buildings, and cannons, too. It also overlooks the ocean, and has nature in the surroundings. It’s not normally super crowded, so there’s plenty of space here to take your time, explore, and get some awesome photos!

Nature Portrait Session Vibes

1. Public Gardens

Certainly one of the most popular locations in Halifax for wedding portraits, the Public Gardens is crazy close to lots of downtown venues. In the Spring, Summer, and Fall it’s really well maintained and always full of florals and blooms! It’s even open in the winter, too, if that’s your vibe. There are quaint bridges, ducks, koi fish, tons of benches, a pond, fountains, all different kinds trees and a gazebo! It really is adorable. The only downside is that it is usually pretty crowded, especially on weekends. Something to definitely keep in mind!

2. Point Pleasant Park

Absolutely my favorite park in the city, Point Pleasant is an awesome spot for wedding portraits or even engagement sessions, too. It also boasts a ton of variety, if you don’t mind a little walking! The lower area is really accessible from the parking lot, and has views of the ocean from the little rocky beach and lots of nature everywhere. There are tons of beautiful wooded paths, and even some neat brick buildings you can do cool stuff with! It can be a little busy on the weekends, but definitely less crowded that the Public Gardens for sure.

3. Sir Sanford Flemming Park

Home of The Dingle Tower, Sir Sanford Flemming Park is just a little ways outside the city and full of variety for wedding portraits. It is a fairly popular spot, but it’s pretty large so it’s still easy to get around and enjoy your own space. A lot of the paths here are paved, too, which is a nice bonus if you’re wearing heels! If you want something a bit more wooded, it’s right next to Frog Pond Lake Trail which is fully encased in a wooded area and will have less people, too.

4. Long Lake

Long Lake has a few different entrances that offer totally different experiences. The main entrance on Dunbrack Street has wider dirt paths for walking, and you tend to see a few more people. But it’s not ever super crowded, which is always dope! The other smaller entrance on St Margaret’s Bay road is a little more wild looking, with smaller paths, is more woodsy, and very close to the larger lake section. If you’re a little more adventurous and are into less crowded nature areas, this is the entrance for you!

5. Dartmouth Commons

A surprising Dartmouth gem, the Commons on this side of the bridge is a lovely little breath of fresh air. If you’re having your wedding on the Dartmouth side, this is a great place for your wedding portrait session. It has amazing views of the Halifax city skyline, and really lovely florals and open space areas. The smaller gardens are really well maintained and there are tree-lined paved paths, too. 10/10 recommend!

Urban and Cityscape Portrait Vibes

1. Downtown City Graffiti

Halifax is really upping it’s graffiti game in recent years and I gotta tell ya, we’re not mad about it! We love how artsy Halifax can be, and we love the unique portraits that come from it. There are stunning pieces scattered about the downtown area, and it’s so easy to stumble across something new all the time. If you want to combine art and colour into your portrait session, this is the place to be. In and around Barrington Street and the Waterfront, you can find tons of it!

2. Dalhousie Campus

Dalhousie University Campus has some really well-kept lawns and buildings. The brick is beautiful, and there are tons of cool little spots for wedding portraits tucked away at downtown Dal. There may be some students kicking about, but it’s never that insane and if your wedding is during the summer, then it’ll hardly have people around there at all! Definitely a go-to spot in terms of easy accessibility from nearby venues, and not everyone thinks to go here so there’s opportunity to have something different!

3. Halifax Waterfront

Honestly awesome for any time of the year, the Halifax Waterfront has amazing spots for wedding portraits. It’s full of coloured buildings, neat doorways, hanging lights, ocean views, little fountains, hammocks for added fun, and really lovely boardwalks. Yes, it’s a busy spot on warmer weekend days but there’s always places to get out of the way. Plus, you are so close to the Historic Properties and even graffiti down this way, so you can have a super varied portrait session without much effort at all!


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