Intimate Wedding at the Owl and Otter | The Fellow of Fox and Fellow gets hitched!

October 24, 2022

It is a true story that for the month leading up to Kev’s wedding, I had off and on anxiety dreams about random things going wrong, completely ridiculous scenarios, each more unlikely than the next.

When you’re a photographer, there a few things that make you more nervous about shooting someone’s special day.

1. They are a close friend or family member (check, the dude is admittedly like brother to me).
2. They are also a photographer (even worse when they are a GOOD photographer).
3. When you have to shoot a wedding by yourself when you are used to having a second equally as good as yourself (welllll, almost equal. I was first in our class at photo school. Sucks to suck Kev lollll!)

Butttt check all 3, and that was me at Kev’s wedding. 

Amazingly, we had perfect soft boxy clouds in the sky, a lovely 17 degrees surrounded by nature, and it was a tiny affair with some of the best humans. The day was relaxed, full of awesome portraits, wandering through the trees, and playing games and having a blast with some real baller peeps. 

Kev and Sarah’s chosen venue was the Owl and Otter out in Mineville, NS. It’s an awesome little airbnb with a separate boathouse on the lake available for the couple to stay in (and like room for 12 ish other guests in the main house), and just perfect for a secluded intimate wedding. 

They were able to wake up at sunrise and take some sweet drone footage over the lake with some ethereal fog and super magical vibes. It’s also seriously my favourite when a bride doesn’t wear white, and Sarah had the most princessy beautiful pale blue lacey thang and I was just all about it! She looked stunning, and even I couldn’t help but well-up during their first look and ceremony. Naturally Kev was in there with the jokes during his vows to lighten the mood, thank fuck for that. 

Despite the fact that he made jokes at my expense and gave me a hard time the whole day, it was the nicest Kev has ever been to me! He even singled me out and thanked me 10 times over for being such a dope part of his day, and once he got drunk he hugged me for like a minute straight and cried like a bitch while saying how much he appreciates me. Let this be a record that I will NEVER let him live that down. He is weak, and I have prevailed.

Look at his day and relish in my epic photography skillz!


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