Harbour Mist | Clarissa and Darrell’s stunning Nova Scotia wedding at a french-inspired villa

September 6, 2022

Soooo I’ve got a new favourite venue, and it trumps all other venues 1000 fold! I’m a sucker for old European architecture, stone buildings, rugged ocean vibes, and the landscapes that come with it. Harbour Mist in Blandford is a venue we’ve very much been looking to experiencing for a wedding and it did not disappoint. Who knew Nova Scotia had such a gem?

Picture this: A beautiful stone (castle-esk!) home, vines and florals growing up the sides, windswept lawn with cattails and tall grass overlooking the ocean, waves lapping against rugged rocks – it was so picturesque and surreal, and that’s not even including the incredible interior of the home. Think spiral staircase, rustic vibes, and the most beautiful window light. Genuinely, a photographer’s dream.

To top off a legit perfect venue, we had the perfect group of sweet, fun, rowdy and debaucherous humans to experience it with. Clarissa and Darrell were so full of love, gratitude, and laughter. It was so clear just how much their family and friends adored them, and they were such a tight-knit group – it was an absolute pleasure to witness.

Full of jokes, hugs, warmth and just all around love it couldn’t have been a better day. We think their photos are an amazing reflection of their energy.