Lunenburg Summer Wedding | Julia and Cam’s Intimate Backyard Farm

November 25, 2021

I don’t know if I can accurately express in words how much we loved Julia and Cam, their shoes, their goats, and their wonderfully colourful and kind attitudes. When we shot their engagement session it was magical, and when we shot their wedding it was triple the magical.

When Kev and I were eating our feelings in sushi and pizza over numerous lockdowns, Julia and Cam were taking SWORD FIGHTING LESSONS. And they brought their swords for a part of the portrait session, so. I mean, can you top that? Should you even try?

Their details were so on point, and their closest family members worked so hard to help decorate their property for the most intimate and beautiful backyard wedding. So much of their decor was made by hand, and everything matched so expertly. Even the goats had matching bowties to the groom! I know I’ve said it before, but I mean, can you top that? Should you even try?! <3 

I’ve been obsessed with their footwear since the engagement sess, but Julia’s wedding BOOTS were freakin’ next level killer. If you don’t know Fluevlogs, go look that shit up right now. The most incredibly cool shoe brand to ever exist. 

Have you done that? Have you? I’ll just wait until you do…

Okay, I trust you. Now you know how I feel and we’re one the same page. Just the coolest! Now, imagine a day where the dopest humans in the coolest of shoes plan a wedding and tie in their amazing personalities with the best ever details. And there you have our day together. Just absolutely baller. 



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