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February 17, 2021

Hello future wedding people!

After talking to bajillions of brides since the beginning of our wedding photography career, we’ve learned that everyone worries about how they will look in their wedding photos. “Will I be awkward?” “But I’m not photogenic!” “The family dog smiles better than meeeeee!” We totally get it. You are not alone, we all feel this way for our wedding! And with good reason. You have spent a lot of time and energy into looking beautiful on your special day, and your photos should reflect that. Most people find being photographed nerve-wracking so it’s completely normal to feel anxious. And we’re here to help! 

6 Magic Tips below! 🙂

1 .You legit ARE photogenic. Your wedding day is completely different from a normal day. You are automatically way more radiant, happy, and bursting with other emotions. You have the people around you that make you the happiest. This is already a wonderful start. You will naturally be smiling and laughing and having an amazing time, and it’s your photographers’ job to capture you at your best. Which leads me into my next point!

2. Hire photographers who are more lifestyle/documentary/candid! This means the photos you get will be genuine, real, and unique to your day. This means your photos won’t be all posed, stuffy, and you won’t have that fake smile you’re so worried about. Your photos will be authentic, beautiful, and capture the two of you as a couple like you actually are! In the real live world! Also, embrace your silliness and weirdness, make faces, do your thang, it’s part of you!

3. And when it’s time for posed photos, hire a photographer that knows HOW to pose you naturally. A good photographer will know how to set you up in positions together that incite emotion. They give you prompts to react to, so posing might exist sometimes, but the smiles, laughter, and silliness is all genuine and all you.

4. When researching photographers, find someone that can shoot in a variety of lighting situations! Do they have rainy day photos on their website? Bright sunny days? Indoor photos, night photos, sunset photos? Make sure they can make you look good no matter your surroundings. Muy importante! 🙂 

5. Find photographers that match YOUR personality. The more you get along with your photographers and like them, the better your photos will be. You will instantly feel more comfortable and able to really be yourself around people you actually like! 

6. Sometimes in life, knowing what to do isn’t as important as knowing what NOT to do. This is very true if you want great wedding photos. Dooon’t force it. When you pretend to smile, pretend to laugh, or pretend to kiss – your photos will never have the connection, depth or wow factor you want. The real magic comes from authenticity. Being real, being honest, being YOU! Simple but powerful. 🙂

Your Photo Crime Fighting Do-Gooders, 

BatSeb & Kebin

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